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4:11 pm

Does it ever feel like you are totally cut off from all forms of communications?  Like, I’ve sent out some very important emails and placed some important phone calls and no one has responded to either.  I’m beginning to think that the Intarwebs is down and that there is something wrong with my cell phone.  I guess I deserve it.  What with this whole depression thing, I am absolutely the worst when it comes to returning phone calls or answering emails.


Ugh, my hands feel sooooooo gross.  Like I have some lotion, sweat, foodstuffs, and a little bit of dirt on them, and it all feels bad.  I used a moist towelette on them, but that made them feel even more gross and sticky.  The only thing that will cure this is a good, old-fashioned water washin’.

an introduction

Hi, I'm Anna and I love cheese!

This blog is a chronicle of my life and a catalog of happy ephemera. The About page has a little bit more information, but, remember, none of this is really's just a supplement, a thumbnail sketch, a mostly anonymous Intarwebs placeholder. I'm way better/less wordy in person. :-)

Oh, and if I wrote something about you and you thought it was mean or hurtful, I'm sorry. It's how I felt at the time, but probably isn't how I feel now. Chances are, I love you and I think you're awesome.


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