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Mood: Better
Music: I keep forgetting to run my iPod.  Here we go…Pixies-I’m Amazed

Kim said, “…there were rumors, he was into field hockey players”.  I always thought field hockey seemed nice.  It always seemed aggressive yet genteel…must have been the skirts.

Anyway, I’m shopping for names…hang on, I just love having an iPod.  The Damned’s “Stranger on the Town” just came on.  I love that song!  It’s sweet and smooth and funky like a banana and caramel sundae.  I love The Damned in general and I would not say that is a representative song.  In fact, it really kind of sticks out, but in a good way.  OMG, Kool Keith-Supergalactic Lover just came on and I peed my pants a little bit.

Anyway again, I’m shopping for a new name.  In the past I have used the names Allanah and Donna.  I like Donna a lot and will probably keep using it, but I want to see what else is out there.  Here’s what I like so far…Catherine, Sarah, Veronica, Molly, Robin, Megan, Kim, Brenda (?), Mallory (?), Samantha, Abigail, Anna, Shelby, Bonnie, Betsy, Betty…

…looking for names, I came across some names that mean “battle maid”.  That sounds awesome, but the names are all like Brunhilde, Hadu, Hilde, Lovisa, Luanna, Matilda, or Gunhilde, blech…

…Carrie…that’s enough for now.  Out of those, I like Sarah, Molly, Robin, Anna, Shelby, Bonnie, and Donna the best.

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