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Mood: Not too shabby
Music: Mark Mothersbaugh-Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op

Not too much to say, I just wanted to make a diary entry showing I was listening to this song.  It’s a funny song title and a neat/odd song.

Wow, diary…I think I shall call you Deirdre, Deirdre the Diary!  Speaking of rhyme-y names, my family has always had an odd habit of naming their cars.  Sometimes they are rhyme-y (Rhonda Honda or Jimmy the GMC) and sometimes they are not (Pearl the RX8 and Hank the Land Cruiser).  I bought a brand new, shiny, black Mazdaspeed 3 about six months ago and have had a hard time coming up with a name for her.  I was going with Speed 3 Gonzalez as she is very fast and Mexican!  (jk)  Actually, Speedy Gonzalaez has always been one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters.  Having said that, I was never really happy with my choice of names. Amway, I was driving home late at night a couple of weeks ago when, I swear, my little race cat of a car told me her name was Mia.  It wasn’t like she said, “Hello there!  I just wanted to let you know that I prefer to be called Mia.  It’s much more fitting than to be associated with a cartoon mouse.”  It was more like, the name Mia forcefully entered my consciousness as my car’s new name.  So, Mia the Mazda it is!  I think the name Mia fits her perfectly.  Mia could be considered a goth or at least a fan of the dark side (she wears black all the time).  She is very intelligent and possesses an understated beauty.  She’s also very athletic, but most people would never guess it by looking at her.

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