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Mood: Kind of mad, kind of ok
Music: Nile-Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise

Sometimes, I think Nile’s song titles are too long.  I mean, I want to get drilled in the head with extreme Egyptologystic (is that a word?) metal, not read someone’s graduate school thesis.  They are a very awesome band though.  I guess their sheer rock power enables them to get away with some “artistic excentricites.”

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty mad and desperate.  I got an email from my insurance provider saying that they had denied my $650 claim because I hadn’t included the right diagnostic code.  Ok, why the fuck would I know how to do that?  I called up one of their “customer service” agents and bitched her out but it was surprisingly all for naught.  After that, I marched outside (because my next door office neighbor can actually hear me breathing) and left I’m sure what sounded like an unhinged message for Sarah.  Pretty soon after that, her billing service sent me an update invoice with what I presume to be the correct codes. I feel better now that I have received that, but I’m very upset that there will be even more of a delay to get my money back (and now I’m up to $850 out of pocket, weeee!).

Urgh, when things like this happen (and they seem to have increased in frequency over the last few months), it seems everyone is out to get me.  I am seriously stressed out about money and I hate it.  Also, I’m getting really tired of reading the word “denied” in correspondence.  My last dental appointment was totally denied and my tmobile rebates were denied as well…that’s another $350 dolars I will have lost out on.  Fuck!  When will it end?  How can I make some more money?  I really need to start taking the bus or something.

And so the money woes make me think that something like SRS is just a foolish dream.  I’m even trying to think about how I’m going to pay for a hair piece when I go full time.  Like I’ve said, things will get better after December and after I get my money back from the insurance people, but it all seems very grim right now…courage Anna, courage!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that my ridiculously expensive therapy is helping, but I’m still taking things too hard too fast.  I want to feel better and be more in control but I’m not sure when that will be.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing.  Oooh!  I did clean up the laundry room and move that desk down to the basement.  Also, I’m going to throw out the couch this week.  So, getting that stuff cleaned up helps a lot.  Like these days (and maybe this is an artifact of transition) having a dirty house and a messy space is like psychically damaging to me.  So, I’m glad I’ve been working on the house some, but it has been slow going.

I’m listening to “Uncle Walter” by Ben Fold’s Five and it always makes me feel better…”he sees the children smoking pot, he knows that in a moment they’ll be shooting up heroin…”, lol.

Um, so against the best wishes of my friend fiscal responsibility, I bought three tickets for the CU vs. CSU game….one each for me, James, and Charles.

***random note, I was just totally rocking (playing desk piano) out to the aforementioned song when someone walks right past my window on the roof.  I hate that someone can just walk past my window.  I tried to play it off like I was deep in thought and only drumming the desk with my fingers but they totally knew what I was up to.  Oh, who cares, I know I’m a goofball.  I have many endearing qualities and that is one of them.  Anyway…***

So I think the game will be fun, but I really don’t have the money for it.  Also, it’s kind of sad because this very well could be the last game I go to with Charles and James.  Both of them are nice, intelligent guys, but this is a lot to swallow.  I’m not great friends with James, but seeing the game with him is an easy way to keep in touch and he’s a great guy.  Anyway, I hope we stay friends. It would be really hard to lose them.

Cassy still hasn’t anything me and I really miss her.

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