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5:40 pm

So, I needed to do some mail related business…like I had to buy some stamps and mail some letters and whatnot.  I went into a hardware store (a national chain) near where I work because the have a Post Office counter and I’m always kind of unsure about who sells stamps (do all grocery stores?  Do convenience stores?).

So, except for my stupid hair I was feeling kind of cute for once.  I walk to the back of the store towards the USPO counter and I make eye contact with a tall, good-looking, young guy who just happens to be working the counter.  I’m in a good mood so I try to be nice for a change (I highly recommend it!).  I tell him that I need a book of stamps so he brings out his entire collection.  He goes right for the Eames (the furniture designer) set and shows me a lovely Black Cinema set.  Now, it takes me years and years to go through a book of stamps and I always end up having to use two because the postage rates have changed four times since I bought the book.  So I ask him about just plain old first class stamps…like the ones that don’t have a postage rate on them.  After a second he says, “Oh, you mean the forever stamps?”  Awww, Forever stamps!  IDK, they sound so…romantic.  They’re kind of neat looking (they have the Liberty Bell), but those always seem a bit too patriotic for my tastes.  I don’t think they ever save the cool ones for the Forever series.

So I bought the stamps.  While waiting for my receipt, the printer makes a funny noise and he says, “Oh!  It looks like you’re our 100th customer today.  You win a prize.”  Everything was going so well that I almost believed him.  We made a bit more small talk…

“So, is there a Mrs. Post Office Clerk?”

“Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am single!”

…lol, jk, and then I left.  Oh, and as I’m walking out the door, they’re playing a Grateful Dead song!  So all of that combined with the fact that the weather was nice (kind of overcast with lots of pregnant clouds, it reminded me of Fall) and that I’m in such good spirits led me to give a big I ❤ This Town.

6:09 pm

So, I have this friend from the Army, let’s call him Sgt. Mac. Actually we aren’t friends anymore, but he sends me the occasional email.  I always read/check out whatever he sends because I have fond memories of him…he was always a nice and funny guy, even though he’s a proud Texan.  Today’s email was an invite to check out his Flickr account.  I followed the link and spent the next twenty  minutes checking out his pictures.  The good thing about this guy is that he’s been a lot of places and he always carries a camera with him, so he had a lot of neat/funny/interesting pictures.  So, I’m flipping through his pictures and I get to one where he’s wearing boxer briefs and no shirt.  There’s another one after it that the same sort of pose, sans underwear, but cropped just above where his thing would be.  I breathed a sigh of relief and skipped to the next page.  On the next page there are like three more examples of the shirtless, boxer brief look.  Then, at the bottom is the shirtless, sans underwear pose…this time without the modesty crop!  So, I inadvertently saw my friend’s penis.  Now, he had to know that picture was in there.  Maybe he thought it was just goof or something, but it was kind of weird.  He’s not ugly and he kind of has a penis to write home about, but still!  IDK, should I write him a letter and call him on it?  So, that was weird and kind of random.

In other news, my breasts feel ginormous today and I know for sure that two of the guys I work with are checking them out.  Ok, I feel like these two guys are always kind of evaluating me.  Like they’re noticing my nails, shaved legs and arms, my chest, etc. and they’re reporting it back to the Guy Club so they have evidence to write a letter of dismissal.  I get somewhat weirded out about it (like I know they pretty much know what’s going on) but my instinct is to not care at all.  And, no one has been malicious or anything…it’s almost like they’re just curious.  I can deal with curious.

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