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Posted on: Friday, August 22, 2008

Mood: Eh, you know
Music: Fleetwood Mac-Don’t Stop (LOL)

11:20 pm

So, I think I almost might maybe be ready to post some videos on youtube.  Here are some video ideas and ideas for creative endeavors in general…

-My silent walk up the big hill

-A little sketch where I talk about how we’re wildlife adjacent and how I’m always afraid of getting mauled by a bear whenever I walk somewhere…like, coming out of the side door, on a hike, coming out of the bathroom.  The bear will be some sort of teddy bear or hand puppet and I can be played by a Barbie figure or something.

-Make a Chihuahua t-shirt for Mom.  Like silk screened and kind of abstract, maybe on a pink shirt.

12:55 pm

Coming out fantasies…So, I’m pretty much done with my coming out letter (yay me!) and while I was writing it, I was imagining all of the good things that will happen after I’m out…like Mom will take me out for an ice cream cone and we’ll talk and laugh and etc.  It was a sweet little fantasy and almost made me tear up.  I really hope something like that actually happens and we don’t get stuck in years of coming out hell like with Jen.

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