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4:19 pm

I got an email from my Mom today. It was one of those mass forwards with a bunch of animal pictures in it. This one was entitled, “FW: Why dogs bite people…” and contained pictures like…


Ok, those are kind of funny, but it got me thinking. My Dad is also guilty of sending the same sort (although his forwards are of a more prurient bent) colossally unfunny forwards (yeesh, I send Cassy LOLcats all the time, it’s not the same tho). Is this something that older adults do? Like is it shorthand for, “I love you and am thinking about you and wanted to send you something to brighten your day/make you sick but I can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to actually tell you that.” Or do they think hearing that all the time (or infrequently) gets old and they need to “mix it up” or something? Lord knows, but I for one have had enough!

So, I changed my computer password like over a month ago and I still can’t remember it with any regularity. It’s getting better, but the first two weeks I assumed the old password’s keyboard position everytime I went to log on. It’s so weird how something like that becomes totally ingrained.

The teensiest little spider just walked across my desk so I took its picture…


Ugh, I just swallowed my gum!

I added all of these early Van Halen albums to my iPod a while back because I wanted to see if there was anything to the Van Halen mystique other than their 1984 album. There isn’t. I’ve skipped most of the songs that come on and I think it’s time I gave them the old heave ho off the iPod.

The bad thing about being friendly with people and writing them emails is that you have to keep sending them emails.

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