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Music: Sonic Youth-Mary Christ

It’s true. And to help you keep it all organized, the Intarwebs have created this handy flow chart to help you out with some of the band names.  Click on the picture for a bigger version….at your peril!

Wow, today was a good news bad news sort of day.  The good news?  My blog is really coming along.  The bad news?  Work has suffered.

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Music: Squarepusher-Dimotane Co

And here are my weekly stats…

I don’t think I’ll ever post anything other than this.  My “top tracks” prolly won’t change that much because I usually listen to iTunes on unplayed shuffle.  And also, so far, “Untitled” by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud and “(Untitled)” by Der Blutarsch are the reigning #1 and #2 tracks (according to respectively.  By now, you must be thinking, “Wow, she really loves her some TMLHBAC!”.  And I do, but it just so happens that they hardly ever name their tracks, so “Untitled” is always the most popular.  Take that statistics!

Oh, alright, here are the weekly top tracks….

See what I mean? This is not conclusive data.

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Music: Theoretical Girl-I Should Have Loved You More

I’m not sure why, but I was thinking about this artist (Joey Alison Sayers whose website is here) and how funny this picture is.  Here is the post from her site…

Oh my god, look! I painted a picture of you!

But, for an even more perfect gift for your friend, boss, or mother:
This painting is also available as a custom commission! For $80, I will paint a unique, unflattering caricature for you to give to the most special person in your life. And in the place of the text “you”, I will paint the name of the lucky recipient. Paintings are 4″x4″ acrylic on canvas. Click here to see some pencil sketches of sample paintings.
Email me at for more information!

She also has some nice comics…



So yeah, if you ever wanted to know about my sense of humor, these are pretty good examples of jokes that make me lol.  And it doesn’t hurt that she seems like a cool person.

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Music: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Young Adult Friction

I just sent this to my sister…

Jenna Fur!

I meant to send you this yesterday, but forgot.  I saw this yesterday while I was looking through the “Missed Connections” section on personals (don’t ask) and I thought it was really cute/funny/random.

Punk girl with black hair on bus – m4w – 28 (denver)

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-04-01, 6:42PM MDT

I saw you on the bus on wadsworth, you had short black hair and were sooo hot. I told you I breed porcupines for a living, and you threw a nickel at me. I had a balloon and was wearing a kilt. I am so in love with you, please respond!

Lol…porcupines + balloon + kilt = best personals ad ever!


Anna Bannana

Come to think of it, he kind of sounds like my future husband.  I hope he finds her or sees her on the bus again and they find out that they’re actually each others soul mates and they live happily ever after breeding porcupines and wearing kilts.

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