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A couple of nights ago, I had a little bit too much to drink and decided to listen to some music before bed.  While staring at the ceiling in the darkness of my bedroom, I listened to “Spook” and “Fourth of July” by Galaxie 500, then “Up With People” by Lambchop.  Sometime around the middle of Sonic Youth’s “Trilogy”, I figured it out…


…all of it.

Tears streamed down the sides of my face and my head swelled with a warming Insight.  Again, I had pulled aside the bloody veil of this world and gazed at the wonder and mystery that waits at the terminal.  I finally understood God’s plan for this world, my place and role and meaning, the exact method for connecting my mind and heart to everyone, everywhere via words and sounds and thoughts and pictures.  I uncovered the secrets for unimaginable wealth, perfect cupcakes forever, and thicker, fuller hair.  Then “New Mind” by Swans played and and I was standing on a rocky cliff jutting out over the gaping maw of  The Abyss.  I wept with fear and despair as I was pulled over the edge to my inescapable doom.   Falling, falling towards the horizon of my body’s annihilation, I saw a fine, silver line stretching from the moment of my death back to the time of my birth and the fear passed from me.

I fell asleep at some point and awoke to the sound of a workday morning’s alarm.  I struggled to remember the answers, but the night had left only shadows and suggestions.  Someday, somehow, I know I will remember.

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K, so by now you have prolly all heard about how we have this new president (he’s the one in the picture) and how he’s really great and everything, right?  During his campaign, he had a slogan that was like, “Yes we can!” or “You betcha!” or “You know it, Brian!”

Want some more?

“You better believe it!”  “Who wants Mai-Tais?”  “In your face Ruskies!”

Barack Obama

Anyway, it was very popular and other people started using it to simultaneously show support for our nation’s newest president and project an air of hopeful industry.  So, a few weeks ago, our entire institute had a video meeting (which was my first one, kind of cool) with the temporary, boss-type du jour, woman at headquarters.  During the meeting she kept saying, “yes we can” when discussing challenges we may face in the next few years.  Then it dawned on me…oh no, now that she’s using it, we all have to adopt “yes we can” as the default answer for every direct question.  Failure to do so would certainly result in an early dismissal, or at the very least, public humiliation and reprimand.  I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but indulge me for a moment as I paint for you a word picture

That Guy: Hey Anna, would you do the technical review on this paper?

Anna: Yes we can!

That Guy: *laughs*  I’m sorry, did you just say, yes we can? I just need you to look at it if that’s all right.

Anna: *laughs* Oh, sorry.  Slip of the tongue.

That Guy: *laughs* Oh, no problem.  I still haven’t had my coffee yet. *laughs*.  So yeah, would you give me a call when you’re finished with that paper?

Anna: Yes *mutters under breath* we can.

That Guy: You just said it again, didn’t you?

Anna: What? No! *whispers* yes we can.

That Guy: You know we don’t actually have to say that every time, right?

Anna: Yeh…er…eep!  *runs away*  YES WE CAN!!!

See what I mean?  That could get me into a lot of trouble.  I don’t want to sound like a loon in front of that guy, but it will be three times as weird if I just mutely stare at him every time he askes me a question.  And what if someone asks me to do something inappropriate?  Ugh, is there still time to change jobs?

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