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Mood: Like they’re out of sprinkles
Music: Mates of State-La’hov

I’m still a little bit sad (and mad for some reason), but don’t worry, it’s going to be alright.  As proof of my intentions, I offer you the following pretty pictures.

So, this isn’t an art blog or a suitable replacement for ffffound or KN or pick your own art/design/lifestyle website.  But I’ve learned the hard way that if you see something you like, it’s easier to grab it and document it at the time.  If you wait, it’s unlikely you’ll find it again.   The other reason I do it is because I like art and it’s a good way to share my aesthetic, which is a major part of my personality.  And so…

Her name is Evelin Kasikov and here is her website.  Her art combines typography and textiles and I’d totally like to copy it for one of my projects.

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

The next two are by Will Bryant for the Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper project.

The next two are by Cody Hoyt.

cody hoyt drawing sketch illustration letter type

Finally, Are Mokkelbost from his set on booooooom.

are mokkelbost paper collage art artist artwork

I know I feel better.

Mood: Rock*A*Teens-What Took You So Long
Music: East River Pipe-So Much Hate

I’m having one of those Friday nights. Oh, who am I kidding? This is my stock Friday night. Leave work late, eat dinner, do nothing, try not to think about it too much, then call it a night until electrolysis tomorrow. And I hate it. The house is too quiet, my thoughts are too loud, and I keep listening to the same four songs.

What Took You So Long by Rock*A*Teens

So Much Hate by East River Pipe

You’re a Bigger Jerk Than Me by The Karl Hendricks Rock Band

Up With People (live) by Lambchop

No, they’re not happy songs, but they’re not depressing either…more somber and introspective…like me, tonight.  So, is there any problem Up With People can’t solve?  Is there a whiskey-soaked, 2 AM insight that that song can’t provide, every time?  I don’t believe there is.  Every time that song comes on, it’s a light breeze on a summer’s nap, slow motion Roman candles, that second drink, and floating on your back in the lake after a sauna, staring at the stars.   Up With People will bail you out of jail, any time, no questions asked.

You’re going to have to excuse this next part.  I’m not feeling that great.

So, people are bullshit.  If you’re able to glean one lesson from what I write, let it be this:  you’re going to die someday and you will die alone.  You can arrange a lifetime’s worth of friends and family around your soon-to-be-lifeless corpse, but nothing can change the fact that you’re going to take those last few steps alone.  So, you might as well make a peace with solitude.  I have.  I don’t like it but I don’t have any other choice right now.  I’m letters away from an unhinged, nightmare epic of self-pity and recrimination, so let’s just say that I feel like I’ve been trying to truly connect with people and, so far, it doesn’t seem to be working.  I’m still hopeful that it’ll work out and that I’ll find my niche, but what do I do until then?

And that was my Friday.  How was yours?

Mood: Sickly and anxious
Music: The American Analog Set-Punk As Fuck

I have the under-the-weathers today, so I’m at home…hating it.  I’ll prolly be fine for tomorrow, but I think my rock and roll lifestyle is finally starting to catch up with me.  I’m still tired a lot and I still haven’t figured out how to balance taking care of myself with getting things done.  Right now, getting things done is winning by the slimmest of margins.

Oh sure, I could try the old, get plenty of sleep, eat right, and exercise routine, but come on people.  This is the year 2008 or something and I live in the United States of the Awesomericas!  Isn’t it high time we harnessed the power of pharmaceuticals or microchip technology or swine flu to maximize our personal productivity power…processes?!  Sorry, that was the fever talking.  I’m going to get more sleep and exercise, promise.

Here’s the fastest music lesson ever…The Spinanes, seriously…do it!

So yeah, I’m kind of ground-down and stretched to my breaking point, so I thought, “why not try Internet dating?”  I know, I’m as excited a you are.  Here is one of the brilliant ads I unleashed upon the world yesterday…

So, I have a problem.  I’m a pre-op, transsexual woman who would like to meet a nice, funny, intelligent, somewhat attractive, geek/punk/hipster/art-fag/nrrd, sane, employed guy who’s taller than me, around my age (+/- 10 years), not a cannibal or zombie, and who isn’t afraid to date a girl like me and this is the best idea I could come up with.  I know, right?  So doomed.

Still though, I’m an insufferable optimist (and stranger things have happened) so I’ve got to give this a try.  The website told me I had to tell you about myself (and used red letters, so it’s like, important), so…

1. The Hobbies – I like to do lots of things, but I’d be hard-pressed to call any of them “hobbies.”  I like to cook, hike, camp, make pretty pictures, bake, try making music, blog, ride my bike, take pictures, make movies, try new foods, go to shows, go to museums, shop for records (and shoes and clothes), and I think you get the point.  I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, participate in Civil War reenactments, or ballroom dance with my cat…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

2. Goals! – These are all going to sound boring, but whatevs.  I plan to go back to school in the next year or so to finish my MSEE.  I’d like to do a lot more traveling everywhere, all the time.  I want to be better at my job and make lots more money.  I want to meet someone, settle down, and create a family with them, eventually. I want to have a fun summer, participate more in the arts community, keep losing weight, try some new restaurants, have sex reassignment surgery, learn how to silkscreen, ride down to that farmer’s market next Saturday, go camping and hiking a lot more, and etc.

3. Why I’m Awesome and Like a Snowflake –  You should have figured it out by now, but I have a lot in common with other people that are awesome 🙂  I’m intelligent and have a good sense of humor.  I’m mostly nice, employed, warm, modest (lol), somewhat attractive, a geeky riot grrl, an excellent cook, and not a zombie or cannibal…not that there’s anything wrong with that…oops, sorry, those are horrible.  I live and work full-time as a woman (and am fully accepted as one) and have for some time.  I’m not embarrassed of who I am, but I don’t feel like I need to share everything with the entire world.  I like going out to bars, clubs, shows, and galleries, but staying in to “watch movies” by “Jean Luc Goddard” is also nice.  And I’m fun.

4. Ah! Melody –  I should just send you the link to my page, but I don’t even know you yet.  Let’s just say I like “different” music and that I’m a music snob.  Meaning, we can’t be together if you have poor taste in music, sorry.  Some of my favorite bands are Sleater-Kinney, Cocteau Twins, Current 93, Motorhead, Pavement, Stereolab, and The Fall.

If you’re kind of like the guy I described and are interested in taking me out on an amazing date, you should send me an email and tell me all about yourself (or point me to your profile somewheres).  If I agree, we’ll email a couple of more times then talk on the phone and meet at some non-sketchy, public place.  Move it along if you want to swap hundreds of emails, can’t spell, won’t talk on the phone, or have no idea what “sketchy” means…and good luck!

Subtle, right?  I don’t see how it can fail or end up in a drunken potluck cry party knife fight quilting bee over international waters.

After putting up the ad, I had a look at the kind of work my future husbands were putting up.  Would it surprise you to learn that the average guy’s ad is not as wordy?  Well, it surprised me to pieces.   In fact, it seems like the average guy’s ad is about four lines long and usually references sports in some way.  I asked Kaylee if I’d gone too far with my ad and she reminded me that they’re guys and that’s how they roll.  I keep forgetting that guys are not at all like me, so thanks Kaylee.  Of course, I’ll be posting all of the excruciating details of my dating failures for your reading pleasure.

In other news, my coolest stepsister Heidi called me out of the blue to talk about Jesus and baby squirrels (see, it runs in the family) and it made me the happy.  Heidi and I were born on the same day, in the same year, in different towns and half of our parents are married to each other.  So it’s got to be some kind of crime if we’re not friends from now on.

Mood: Hot and bothered
Music: Six Organs of Admittance-River of Transfiguration

He put a version of this on his site, but the way he edited it makes me seem unfunny and incoherent.  So, here’s the real thing, uncut and direct…because I care about you guys…and what you think of me…and that you think I’m more funny than he is…and kittens.

Anna: urgh! big business is playing redacted at the redacted lounge
Andrew: are you gonna tell them to shove their copyright reform up their cramholes?
Anna: no :\
Anna: they’re a good band
Anna: oh, do you mean Big Business?
Andrew: um, let me check slashdot and ars technica real quick
Anna: that wasn’t all supposed to be italicized
Andrew: that was supposed to be a joke
Andrew: i’ve never heard of big business.
Anna: well, it’s hard to tell
Andrew: do they have black brains, skeletons, et. al as well?
Anna: they’re good, came from Karp, part of Murder City Devils, play in Melvins now
Anna: no, but thanks for asking
Anna: they’re just heavy
Anna: i listen to music that isn’t dark you know
Andrew: LOL WUT
Anna: stfu
Anna: for reals
Anna: i’m not so 1 dimensional
Andrew: whatever. go deface some churches.
Anna: don’t you whatever me
Anna: i don’t go in for that sort of thing
Andrew: oh, so you just plant pentagrams then?
Anna: not at all
Anna: i usually volunteer at animal shelters
Andrew: ooohhhh yeah, so when one needs to be put down you can just take it to your ritual
Andrew: smart!
Anna: nice turn around
Anna: but still no
Andrew: this isn’t fun when you just deny stuff
Anna: 🙂
Anna: k fine, rituals and stuff
Anna: it’s so awesome
Andrew: too late
Anna: this one time, we had four different kinds of animal blood
Anna: it was like a salad bar for satanists
Anna: zing!
Andrew: you mean the blood was dressing for your salad bar
Anna: no, “like” means it was similar to that, but not actually that
Anna: more like a soup
Andrew: ok, i was going to complain again but then you brought it back

In other news, I actually got up early enough to ride the bus!  Goooooo, me!  It was scary, kind of.  The bus isn’t bad, but I ride the light rail to the bus station.  On the train, people sit like three feet in front of your face.  So, there was the nerve-wracking scrutiny, but, again,  I didn’t die or burst into flames.  I still have to take them home, but I think it’s going to be alright.

Oh, and I know I’m kind of doing this in reverse, but you guys should really listen to that Six Organs song and, like meditate.  It’s third eye-opening good.

Mood: Ornery, dag nabit
Music: Current 93-A Song For Douglas After He’s Dead

Maybe I shouldn’t write in the mornings anymore.  Usually, my first instinct is to complain about something that makes me mad or things that are stupid.  But, I’m not really like that in person….honestly.  I could attribute my righteous anger to the fact that I haven’t yet finished my coffee.  Or, maybe it’s because I haven’t yet relaxed from this morning’s getting ready marathon (up at 6:30, didn’t have to play Fashion Show, hour-long commute, still five minutes late).  Whatever the reason, ich habe Wut.  To illustrate, today we’ll be using the time-honored bulleted list.

-You have my word that I will never, ever solicit the services of, nor force you to suffer through a “guest blogger.”  This is my house and my journal.  If I don’t feel like putting anything up, I won’t.  I do not feel the need to constantly occupy the empty spaces with words and voices and I take a dim view of those that do (you have the low self-esteem).  Sorry.  See, I told you was ornery.

-I am officially sick of being single.  Officially.  I have no idea what to do about this (dating can be…complicated…even under the best of circumstances), but there it is.  As long as this condition persists, I can promise you there will be some emo-type posts…maybe poetry…possibly some “find your soul-mate” online quizzes.  If you’d rather that didn’t happen, introduce me to some very open-minded guys.

-The secret curse of blogging all the time is that everything becomes blogworthy, bloggable…blogistic?  So, my internal monologue is like, “omg you guys, you’ll never believe what this guy said to me in line at the grocery store” all.the.time.  Let’s all take a moment to thank whomever you wish that I edit myself.  For instance, sometimes I use the restroom for purposes other than washing my hands.  Write some intardnet fan fic about that one! So, if something odd slips past, sorry.  I can’t help it.

-Healthy Choice frozen entree directions are TLDR and TCDF (too complicated, didn’t follow).  To wit,

HC meal directions

Ok, here are some observations:

1.  So, I need to be making the film cover into an arts and crafts project what with all the selective cutting and slitting?  No.

2. I don’t even know how to set our microwave at work for whatever time I want (don’t ask, it’s weird).  So the best I can manage is POTATO which is like 2:45.  And to this day, the Wattage rating of any microwave continues to hold almost no interest for me.

3. I don’t have time to be letting my food stand for any minutes, let alone two.  Food is entirely too lazy and should not be encouraged.

4. Federal regulations prohibit the bringing of food thermometers and medieval swords to work, so I’m going to take my chances that the Microwave of Infinite Mystery did not let me down. Also, isn’t the food supposed to have been cooked already?

So, seriously you guys?  Other than those minor complaints, I like the meals.

Wow, maybe I should have broken this post into a number of economy fun packs?

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