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Posted on: Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mood: All of them
Music: De La Soul-Plug Tunin’

…I did it!   I’m really, really tired right now, but I just wanted to say that everything went well at work today.  Everyone I spoke to was really nice and supportive and it was just…kind of easy, you know?  I didn’t die or explode or get committed to an insane asylum.  Actually, it was kind of anticlimactic.  But I’ll take that over being humiliated and stabbed in the neck any day.  I’ll write more about the day later, but I’m going to go to bed early.  You can go to sleep too little cats.  You’ve done your job.

4 Responses to "Well…"

That *is* anti-climactic. Where’s the story about leaving the bathroom with your dress tucked into your pantyhose, or the one about the hardcore Mormon project manager trying to glass you in the conference room? Oh well, congratulations on establishing your new life anyway, even if it turned out to be a bit dull and non-eventful. Maybe that’s better than being glassed in the conference room after all. Maybe.

Sorry, Jamie. It just didn’t happen. I’ll cover all the non-events later today, but yeah, kind of ho hum. Regardless, I appreciate and acknowledge your congratulations.

So…wtf is getting glassed? I’m not familiar. It sounds like when a bad guy takes you by the shoulders and smooshes your face into the glass while either screaming or menacingly whispering something in your ear. Am I close? Am I alone in thinking that that’s a little bit hot? I mean with less face mushing and yelling and more necking, maybe.

I like anti-climactic! That’s the way it should be…or better still nothing to worry about going in!

I’m happy for you!


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