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Let me curate that for you

Posted on: Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mood: Like they’re out of sprinkles
Music: Mates of State-La’hov

I’m still a little bit sad (and mad for some reason), but don’t worry, it’s going to be alright.  As proof of my intentions, I offer you the following pretty pictures.

So, this isn’t an art blog or a suitable replacement for ffffound or KN or pick your own art/design/lifestyle website.  But I’ve learned the hard way that if you see something you like, it’s easier to grab it and document it at the time.  If you wait, it’s unlikely you’ll find it again.   The other reason I do it is because I like art and it’s a good way to share my aesthetic, which is a major part of my personality.  And so…

Her name is Evelin Kasikov and here is her website.  Her art combines typography and textiles and I’d totally like to copy it for one of my projects.

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

The next two are by Will Bryant for the Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper project.

The next two are by Cody Hoyt.

cody hoyt drawing sketch illustration letter type

Finally, Are Mokkelbost from his set on booooooom.

are mokkelbost paper collage art artist artwork

I know I feel better.

4 Responses to "Let me curate that for you"

What is up with all this sadness? That’s MY gig – do not be stealing my act or I will CUT YOU!

I have a theory that going full time has exhausted you and so you do not have the reserve strength to stop other non-transition related things from bringing you down. Or, you have been crushing on someone who is showing zero interest. Or, you need a hug and no-one is putting out. Do you need a hug? Here I give you teh hugz.


I know, sorry. I wrote that blog mission statement and intend to stick to it, damnit. So it’s going to be nothing but music advice, fawning accounts of kittens and their exploits, pretty pictures, and amusing life anecdotes from here on out.

Yes, as per usual, you are insightful and probing. I’m feeling like I’m spending a lot of energy and not getting much in return. And I’m tired and sick of waiting. Thx for teh hugs tho, they help.

ain’t that the truth? waiting is exhausting.
Cool art finds though. I love when people mix “art” and “crafts” in different ways.
*trans-continental hugz*

It is exhausting. Sometimes I wish I could just nod off in a nitrogen-enriched cryo-stasis until the whole thing sorts itself out. Thanks, I liked them too…which is redundant.

kthx for the hugs…my hugs, let me show you them.

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