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The trick is laundry bleach

Posted on: Monday, June 1, 2009

Mood: Like the fucking Buddha
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Ok, I had to post this because it frightens me every time I see it…

It’s an advertisement that seems to be on my page like every day and I won’t stand for it any longer.  Like most people, I worry a lot about waking up with horribly crooked, yellow, candy-shaped teeth, black lips, and too-pink gums…also, hockey puck accidents. Apparently, this website knows all about my fears and is trying to recruit me into a cabal of single moms who all posses the lost secrets of home cosmetic dentistry, yet, somehow failed to avoid the drudgery of single parenthood.

Well, no thank-you! Maybe this will be like aversion therapy or something…like, posting it robs it of its evil powers or it’ll allow me to make peace with the horror.  One can only hope.

I know times are tough and all, but is that the classiest advertising revenue you can muster,  Really?  I think you can do better.

4 Responses to "The trick is laundry bleach"

I heard a dentist on NPR not long ago talking about how some of those whitening treatments can cause real problems if you have other problems that aren’t caught first. Sadly, ’til enough people are hurt, they’ll still be on the shelf!


I agree that Western society’s dogged pursuit of some arbitrary and ridiculous notion of perfect physical beauty could very well be the end times bellwether or a herald for the coming mutant/zombie apocalypse. I wish more citizens would mirror the courage of your convictions. Perhaps there’s still time?

This ad is horrible enough to stop me from visiting almost any site that features it.

I know, thankfully it’s not on anymore.

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