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Another weird poncho

Posted on: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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I was hiding in my office…


Hi Internets!

It’s me, Anna.  I used to write in this blog back when I had something to write about.  Remember?  I had the angst and the stories and the whatnot.  I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m incredibly happy, in love, wealthy, and have recently acquired the secret to immortality.  Ok, only one of those is kind of true (it’s the immortality) but, y’know, things are good and a lot better than last week.  There isn’t a lot of major/breaking news (I know, you can’t wait to read this) so let’s have a look at the old bulleted/hyphenated/whathaveyou list with the indentation for emphasis.

-I had my one year hormone-iversary on June 6th.  I guess I’ll count that as a new birthday of sorts since that was when I started working on my transition in earnest.  I don’t have much to say about the anniversary other than it’s shocking how much has changed since then.

-I made some super sexy vaca plans for the 4th of July, but I’m not ready to disclose them just yet.  I’ll give you some teasers tho…hot Midwestern nights…awkward,yet touching reunions…bowel quaking, ULF, rock music…yeah!  I’ll be posting the details when I feel like posting the details.

-I won at cleaning the house, relaxing, not going crazy, and crafting this past weekend!  I should post a picture of my cross stitch project (’cause that’s what the kids seem to go for these days), but I think it looks cool so far.  And I’m pretty sure it’s going to cause the local (meaning, in my house) arts community  (meaning, my cat (what? she took art history)) to burst into explosive, green flames or something equally great.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:  cross-stitch is deceptively simple and takes FOR EVER.  I’ve been working on it since Saturday night, and I have like seven, four-inch rows so far.  But it’s going to be great, you’ll see.

-Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica has been my constant cross-stitch companion.  Even though I have it on DVD and was prolly in the room when it originally aired, I have almost no idea how they got to Season 4.  I know this because I bought the fourth season and, while watching it, proclaimed, “I have almost no idea how they got here, to Season 4.” And you know what, y’all?  Battlestar Galactica is a really good show…which is probably news to no one.  Timely?  Check!

-I took the title from one of this girl’s photos on flickr.  She has a cool “what I wore” kinda blog, but I really liked the title.  I often find myself struck by odd and interesting phrasing on the Internet, and I try to file it away for future use whenever I can.

-Uh oh, I accidentally listened to an entire Jethro Tull song.  Idon’t hate JT, but I’d rather keep it to myself, y’know?

-I patronized the public transportation system again today!  I would have just said, “rode the bus”, but I also ride a train and “patronizing the public transportation system” sounds way hotter.  So, that makes it, what?  Two times in…five weeks?  Go go go!  Me me me! What?  Not so great, you say?  Shut up, I say.  I was having a hard time getting up these last few weeks.  I think I have a pretty bright future in pub transpo patron’ing from now on.

-I got my her did on Monday and the fabulous result is the reason for my new found happiness and vigor.  If someone ever tells you that having nice-looking hair is not important, you have my permission to politely correct their error.

-I have concluded Internet Dating Sesh 1.0 and the results were fail.  I’m still ready for love and all, but I’m going to have to think of a new plan. Gigantic Internet Dating exposé to be posted at some point in the murky future.

-I called a gay man out (nicely) online for using the word “tranny.”  I think it’s a hateful word and I don’t approve of its use outside (and barely inside) of the trans community.  Gigantic The State of GLB vs. T Relations expose to be posted n days after the gigantic Internet dating exposé in the murky future.

-At work, we participated in…Operation Hott Eagle?  No.  …Operation Event Horizon?  Mmm, no.  I don’t know…Operation Enduring Lunch Hour/Hott Lunch 2009 or something…today and it was a great success.  Good job America!

K, that was a little more than I thought.  If you’re worried about Thursday, maybe this will help…

huge-metal-fan.gif image by puppychickens

Me three!

6 Responses to "Another weird poncho"

I kept my mouth shut earlier when you started talking about internet dating because I hoped it would not be the utter disaster for you that it is for, well, absolutely everyone else in the universe. Also I hoped for funny stories. If there’s a chance that I might be amused with bitter yet hilarious anecdotes I absolutely will let people make terrible, terrible mistakes. I’m kind of a douche that way. But I’m OK with that.

Has it really only been one year since you starting popping girl-pills? To go from starting hormones to full time in less than a year is pretty impressive. That’s what I think they refer to as a fast transition. Well done you. That kind of can-do attitude is what the New America is all about. Colorado leading the nation once again. And etc.

It’s nice to feel a more positive vibe from your latest update. Your last depressed one channeled my own way of thinking far too well for me to write anything, and before that you kept on yammering about bands and music which led me down dark and uncomfortable paths towards disturbing personal revelations about why I don’t listen to music anymore, and I wont have that. I just wont.

ISWYDT. I like that you always comment on my blog when you’ve posted something on your blog. Yes, there will be “funny” Internet dating stories in the near-ish future. I love sharing horribly cringe-worthy and awkward stories about myself as much as you love to read them. And I appreciate sparing me the “i told you so”s, but do you have another dating idea? Seriously.

I know right? It is hard to believe. I’ll comment about this on your blog, but I was very motivated because it seemed ridiculous to me to be in between for a day longer than I had to. Yes, I could have waited longer, but fortune favors the bold and stuff. And huzzah New America! Come join us in the new Newness, won’t you Australia?

Ugh, the pressha! It’s hard to believe that I influence anybody with anything I put up here, but there it is. I should write a nice little expose on me and my depression because it isn’t ever going to go away…and that’s alright. I’m mostly happy and things are mostly awesome, but everyone has the hard times and I’m no exception. It’ll be the same way for you, Jamie.

I love music (duh), but I realize that hardly anyone that reads this blog feels the same way I do. I’ve been trying to use music stories as a framework for stories about my life, but I’m sure that doesn’t work out all the time. Sorry. My life is rarely consumed with trans drama these days, but I’ve got to have something to blog about. Finally, if you want my opinion, you should totally listen to more music. It helps.

I only write on your blog when I update mine because clearly I get into a mood to write things on the Internet whereupon I spaz out on forums, blogs and YouTube comment spaces in one big messy explosion of verbage. So what? Wait – WHAT were you implying exactly – that I manipulate you into writing things on my blog to appear popular? Well clearly I am a mastermind because look, it works beautifully (I am ignoring your blog comment just to show how indifferent I am to receiving them so nyah).

My dating idea is to not date, ever. That’s it. That’s all I got. It helps to be dead inside. Are you dead inside? Perhaps that’s something you should work towards.

I wouldn’t mind a bit of skype but I can’t see us both being home and awake at the same time. It’s already 11:30pm there. I hate to be the one to tell you but you live in a completely messed up time zone.

Oh, I’m just joking. I get the same way with the bursts of interest. It’s actually kind of a nice reminder to visit you (even though I subscribe to your blog). Regardless, I bow to your mastermindfulness.

No dating? Eva? I was dead inside for a long time, but I got sick of it and visited this necromancer I know, et voila! Besides, I’ve got too much awesome in me (as do you) and it would be a real shame if I couldn’t find another person to smother, er share my love with. So, I’m like duty-bound required to fall in love with someone and take care of them. How can I argue with duty?

Well, we figured out the time zones before, I think we can do it again. Maybe this Friday night/your Saturday afternoon? Yes, it is a horrid time zone…nobody here likes it.

Trying to catch up after riding the whirlwind again for a bit…

After too many years of watching far too much television, I’d have to agree that Battlestar is one of the best that’s every been!

As are you!

There are words that have always caused me to cringe and wish I could withdraw their usage by some big invisible remote; others seem to think they can make them powerless by over using them, somehow “reclaiming” them I’ve heard it argued.

They still make my stomach “roll” and do flips!

Thank you for being you!


Awww, thanks Alan!

Yes, I’m familiar with the “taking it back” approach to defusing incendiary words. I suppose I should find a way to move past my strong dislike of that word, but it’s hard, y’know?

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