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The hell of changing your name

Posted on: Monday, July 20, 2009

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UGH!   I’ve changed my name most everywhere and I haven’t had many problems with the old one creeping up…except for at my university.  I’m taking an engineering management graduate class, Project Management Systems (weee!) in the fall.  This class will be like a refresher before I start back to grad school for my MSEE in the spring (or next fall).   So, I’ve been trying to take care of everything before the semester starts and, frustratingly, my old name pops up all over the place.  I’ve put in a few helpdesk tickets to fix it, but it seems like they’re only fixing one instance at a time.  Today, I checked my student email and sent out a test message and my address comes up like…

Old Name []

So, that’s been a lot of fun.  I sent them another email a few minutes ago and asked them if they could just, you know, fix everything all at the same time.  The thing that kills me is that this is a new school, sort of.  I graduated from another campus, so some of the records are the same, but most are different.  I changed my name with the registrar at the old campus and I thought I was done.  Silly rabbit.

Right now, the whole thing bothers me, but it’s more of an annoyance.  However, I’ll be nigh-devestated if this sort of mistake pops up in the classroom or during the school year.  I can imagine a professor getting a class roster with my old name on it and demanding to know who I am and why I’m not on their list.  Good times.

6 Responses to "The hell of changing your name"

This is my near future. I don’t envy you. I don’t envy me.

It’s been a fairly painless process so far. You’ll be fine.

I just found out that the reason they’re having so much trouble is because my name needs to be changed in the HR database from one of my student jobs. It’s weird how that database touches everything else (I’m not applying for a job or anything), but whatevs.

computers – banes of the civilized world 😛

I know! I mean, I for one welcome our new computer overlords, but they aren’t making our enslavement very easy.

For some reason, I’m seeing that scene in Colossus: The Forbin Project where the supercomputer says to its creator: “You will come to worship me as a god.”


LOL, you kids and your movie pictures!

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