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Meth, y’all

Posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mood: A little perturbed
Music: ABC Primetime: Family Secrets!

I’m only going to try meth once.  I’m not going to be like that guy.

or this guy…

or these guys…

Gonzo Journalism

Seriously you guys…have you seen those awesome meth commericals?  They make me want to try meth at least once.  I’m pretty sure I could take meth (just once) and not become a troubled youngster who engages in morally bankrupt behavior.  Now who’s with me?

4 Responses to "Meth, y’all"

I have to say i’m not all too ‘with you’. I’m not an anti-drug kinda person, but meth is simply – and out of experience – not the nicest drug to mess with.

O hai Nick and thanks for reading! I’m sure meth is a hell of a drug…which is why I never “tried it.” But, I was trying, apparently unsuccessfully, to make a joke about those commercials. They kind of remind me of Regan-esque drug control policy which, you know, didn’t really work out that well.

Hahaha! ok this may be stupid but now your post is kinda hilarious!… it could pass for a meth-head’s fantasy trip, that’s why I put my serious alarmed mask on 🙂

🙂 I’m glad you liked it!

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