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Flaming DISCs of danger and fury…also insight!

Posted on: Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Ugh, I’m in the middle of like, three other blogs, but they’re taking forever.  So I thought I’d start another one (lol) just to put some sort of update out.

So, I went to a half-day, “team building” retreat for work today.  The training focused on the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) behavioral model.  I took a short assessment online before the meeting and was presented with this result…

Me, DISCafied

Me, DISCafied

I’ve never been a person that puts a lot of stock into this or other personality assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  They haven’t been experimentally verified, they’re subjective, and the results are subject to change over time.  Having said that, I thought my results were pretty interesting.  Even though the test used a relatively small batch of questions, I did all of the answering.  So, the test at least holds as a snapshot of how I felt and saw myself at that moment.

The report offered some analysis of my “Inspirational” behavioral style.  Apparently, since I’m high in Dominance and Influence, I’m an action-oriented kind of gal who’s always looking for new opportunities to generate enthusiasm in others.  Good. I’m also looking to win awards and get promotions. Ok. I dig freedom of expression and have a quick-fire, “gut-feeling”, decision-making style. Awesome!

Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to all of this wonderfully thrilling leadership potential.  Some of the adjectives in my  low-scoring (S and C) areas are pretty bad…

discontented ugh, bor-ring!

fidgety or energetic?  you be the judge...I knitted this for you!

fault-finding that’s stupid and wrong

obstinate f-you DISC assessment!

tactless you’re tactless!

Well, you’ve got to take the good with the bad, I guess.  You know what though?  If I get associated with being a maniacal, world-enslaving, madwoman one more time, I’m going to take over the world and then blow it up.  I mean seriously, you guys.  I’m already a Scorpio (and you know how they are) and now this?  I just want to make friends with all of you, have meaningful, passionate sex with some of you, make people buy me things, and adopt another kitten…and maybe a little bunny.  Who’s the cruel, though tragically misunderstood despot now?

So, I took my message of inspiration, hope, and kittens to the team-building class.  I wasn’t required to attend and very few people from my division were there, but I still got a lot out of the training.  We did the usual build-a-blind-lego-model and rescue-the-toilet-paper-roll-bomb-from-the-circle-of-string-using-rope-and-masking-tape-while-shouting-blindfolded exercises.  We made a lot of jokes about doing a falling backwards trust exercise, but that never happened.  Actually, there weren’t any The Office type cringe-worthy moments, which was nice.  I kind of love all the people I work with.

I was a little bit nervous before the meeting.  I hadn’t spoken to a lot of these coworkers since coming out at work nearly four months ago, but everyone was really nice.  No one made any name or pronoun mistakes.  The only bad thing is that I wish more people that I actually work with would have gone.  I think they could have gotten a lot out of it.  But, it seems like the people that need to go hardly ever volunteer.  Oh yeah, and the instructor used the Saturday Night Live character Pat as an example of an employee that no one wanted to work with.  His angle wasn’t that Pat was trans and weird, but that Pat made people uncomfortable for reasons we had to come up with (Pat has BO, Pat has all kinds of odd opinions, etc.) I quickly let it slide, but I wondered if the answers would have been different had I not been there.

After the meeting, most of the class went out for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  I had brought my lunch but decided to go along with everyone.  Since coming out, I’ve been trying to place myself in more situations where I interact with people.  It’s my way of improving my confidence and forcing myself to be more social.  I used to be so closed off and fearful of letting people get to know me.  I definitely don’t feel that way now and this is like my insurance policy against walling myself off again.  So, I went to lunch and had a great time hanging out…I highly recommend it.


Oh, wait…your assignment.  Have any of you taken this test?  If so, what was your result?  If not, what is your MBTI and how does it correlate with DISC?  If you haven’t done any of those, which part of DISC would you say you identify with most?

Me, DISCafied

2 Responses to "Flaming DISCs of danger and fury…also insight!"

Hey you *are* inspiring! You inspired me to post man-candy on my blog just the other day, remember? Sadly, you did not inspire me to host the images myself so now my blog is full of empty space where pictures used to be. Basically, you wrecked my blog. Sure I could go back and edit the post, but let’s not forget, I’m extremely lazy.

I think from memory I am INFJ. I don’t really relate to any of those DISC categories though to be honest. Just tell me which one is the best thing to be, I’ll be that.

Aww, thanks Jamie, ditto! Oh, come on, you know you were moments away from posting pictures of a bunch of hot guys. No, I can barely inspire myself to post horrible self-portraits, so you’re really on your own there. Don’t ever go back and fix your blog Jamie. That’s what we call “living in the past” and it’s never as cool as metaphorical ass-kicking in the shiny future.

I googled it for you! INFJ maps to SCI and Author or Oracle (nice!) types on DISC. My ID/DI (I is actually a little higher, but the segment numbers are the same) result maps to ENTP (Inventor, Iconoclast) or ESTP (Promoter, Resourceful). That explanation kind of ruins my joke, but what the hell…
the good news is that you and I both seem to care about people and ideas. The bad news is that you’ll probably be one of the first intellectuals against the wall after my bloody rise to power. end joke

I’m pretty sure I would have gotten a similar score to yours a year or two ago…I def’ly feel more open and expressive, post transition.

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