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That’s right, I just copied off of myself like I’m Ouroboros snacking on my own tail.  Pretty soon, this blog will cease to be an exercise in pretty word picture painting and will devolve into me, sitting alone, thinking up blog posts that please only me, only reference previous posts of mine, and never get posted.  That’s eerily close to the reality.

What follows is the familiar what-kind-of-wacky-search-terms-are-people-typing-into-search-engines-to-get-to-my-blog trope.  I know, it’s kind of clip show lazy, but maybe we’ll learn something about each other…or…science or something?  Oh, and the search terms are listed below in bold and are followed by my “hilarious and amusing” comments in italics.

blue and brown cake decoratedmmm, no

ben turner ace of cakes wifeI’m not Mr. Turner’s wife (he might be the gay), but thanks for thinking of me

family photo’s of sweeten mum and dadlol, what?

ben turner gaytold you

is geoff manthorne gayI do not posses the answers you seek

punk as fuck patchI like your style, Internet seeker of patches

tiny animals ‘sweet sweetness’ title.ever

“my breasts are out of control”you and me both

exorcismsorry buddy, you got the wrong girl

movies denverI’m Moviefone now?

ben affleck jerk off videothe censors made me take it down

sweet heavy metal blogsthis isn’t, but thank-you

sexy gay bloghow dare you

nerd mustachessorry y’all, that one is my fault

shut up i don’t care what you sayit’s like I’m looking into a mirror

i hate random vlogsme too!

Ok, this isn’t very funny, but “tuxedo maskand other terms involving Sailor Moon’s tuxedo-wearing, man candy are by far the most popular search terms that lead people to mah blog. I put ONE picture of Tuxedo Mask in a post and this is what I get.  Those Sailor Moon kids sure are dedicated.

So, what funny search terms are leading people to your blog/homepage/online Sailor Moon hentai and cosplay boutique?

Mood: 8.2 on the Rock-o-Meter
Music: The Beatles-Happiness is a Warm Gun

I just posted this to a local arts website’s photo caption contest thing deal…

She: So, you want to bet me five dollars that you can simultaneously donkey-kick jump into the air and lick your shoulder?

Him: Yup.

She: Ugh…really? Is this how I’m spending my Friday nights? How is that even a thing? Why am I friends with you?

Him: K, tell you what…if I lose…you get the five dollars, AND I’ll pose for that photo shoot.

She: You mean “Kitten Me Softly?” The one with the bathtub full of ice cream and the kittens?

Him: Uh-huh

She: Then consider us wagered, future loser.

Hunh?  So is that comedy gold spread on whole wheat toast, or what?  Yeah, I’m not so sure either, but at least I’m “putting it out there” and “getting involved”, you know?  If it helps, the picture was of some guy at a local gallery opening jumping into the air, donkey-kick style, and sticking out his tongue in a way that it looked like he was trying to lick his own shoulder.  I know, Art kids are weird.

OH!!! And Kitten Me Softly is copyrighted and mine forever, so back off!  However, I am willing to collab with some other creative types on an installation, play, musical, painting, performance art piece, or exhibition with that title.  Or, maybe I’ll do another n-part blog essay à la mode de Secret Cheese?

As usual, I’m in the middle of three different blog posts but I can’t be bothered to finish any of them at the mo.  Just so you know, I’m still great and things are pretty awesome.  I’ll try to post some more in the next day or two.

Yours sincerely and etc., your biggest fan,


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