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Hey guys, remember that caption contest I told you about?

Well, I won!

I actually won with my first try(see below).  I didn’t like that one as much because it kind of seemed like an easy joke.  I liked the second one better, but it really pushed the boundaries of pithy caption-ness.  The good news is I totally have them figured out…genital and poopy jokes ad infinitum.  I won a t-shirt and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m an “award winning” writer.  If there’s a quirky blog category for the Pulitzer Prize…well, look out quirky bloggers!

Here’s part of the “funny”, congratulatory note…

Unfortunately after saying that I just realized that it’s impossible for me to lower my mental facilities to that of a brain dead chimpanzee to determine which caption sucked a fraction of a grundle hair less than the rest. Thankfully I have a four year old at my disposal. So congratulations Annahell, a preschooler thinks that for about two seconds you’re caption (below) was slightly more amusing than using his finger to probe the depths of his many orifices.


This is the first in a series of caption contests they’re sponsoring.  If I’m not banned, I’m going to submit for the rest of them too.  I’m hoping I can trade the rest of the t-shirts I win for some art prints or a pony.

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