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My manifesto workshop

Posted on: Friday, October 2, 2009

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OMG, you guys…I can’t turn off my mind faucet.  I was thinking about the angry, mini-manifesto-in-progress I put up here yesterday.  Again, I’m sure this is a real audience-grabber, but I need to work this out.

So, I might have changed my mind about some of the things I said yesterday.  Shut up, I’m a woman, we can do that. I like reading personal blogs because I like to experience what’s it’s like to be inside another person, so to speak.  In other words, I like people’s stories and the way they narrate the story of their lives through blogs.  The ones I really like have a good mix of happy things, sad things, characters, some plot development, a little conflict, romance, whathaveyou, and they’re able to weave it into an ongoing narrative.  For me, the joy of a good blog is that the heroine/hero is discovering the plot and characters almost accidentally.  It’s like life but with all the less interesting (hopefully) parts removed.

What in the name of Odin’s wooly beard does this have to do with my blog?  Well…I guess I’m trying to say, I don’t know how to package an everything kind of blog that is both compelling and rich.  So, maybe I should stick to one thing or break this up into two blogs.  What do you all think?  Should I just tell the Trans-girl in the City story here and move all of the failed scripts and pictures of art I found on the web to another site?  I could still put up pictures of art, but it would have to be something I experienced in person or made myself.  Ditto for music…it would have to have some personal relevance.

Ugh, I’m so confused.  What say you, big brains?

I feel bad for making you wade through a hopelessly dry discussion of blog theory, so here’s some art…

Art Opening: Barnaby Furnas

Barnaby Furnas-Flood (Untitled) *this is at the Denver MCA right now!

Lotsa stuff by Damon Soule

5 Responses to "My manifesto workshop"

I like the catchall nature of your blog. For me, i tried separating professional and personal topics, and it just became unruly. Of course the trade off is i can’t really rage on a topic(not that i should have before). The total package is awesome. I don’t want to miss an anna expansion pack

Bloody hell…and I thought I had such a “coherent” vision. Still, your point is well-taken and I thank you for your sage advice, dear Rebecca.

Oh, and notice how I never even mention my professional life…too boring, don’t care, the nuclear equivalent reader-killer. Maybe that should be the expansion? Anna’s Boring Crap She Does At Work Blog

Yeah me nerd super crazy. u r welcome. I usually charge $30/hr for web consulting. I’m a pusher that way. Btw u always pick the funnest art. Fancy lady. 🙂

🙂 thx B…you always leave the funnest comments and make the best freelance designer sites.

[…] special fella took me to that Baranby Furnas exhibition at the MCA a week or two before I got sick and it was a-mazing. I litterally got weak in the knees and swooned […]

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