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Art of harkness

Posted on: Friday, February 12, 2010

Mood: blurgh
Music: Dntel-Umbrella

No words, just arts and crafts so good they make my reptilian brain want to recoil in jealous, retching horror.  Do yourself a favor and click the image you like for a much larger version.

Waves on Winter Rolling by Steve Morris


Loneliness by Rory Dean

Popcorn Clouds by april cakes


The Familiar at Solstice by Scott Anderson


Three Girls by Allison Schulnik


The King by Joe Becker

I'll Be Your Mirror by Tobias Schalken


Die Aufnahme by Neo Rauch

I didn’t realize it at the time, but these are all pretty dark, like I feel, today.

6 Responses to "Art of harkness"

don’t think of it as depressing but as a cthulu mardi gras style longing for an end to the provincial doldrums of a post-solstice winter melting. Also, doggies. 😛

Hmm, maybe I do want a dog! They seem like a lot of work, but they are awfully friendly. I could buy a German Shepard and train it to sniff for bombs, drugs, suitable mates, and cupcakes. I wonder if the cat would mind?

Don’t get me wrong, I do long for a Cthulhu-esque end to it all, but I may have picked different pictures in the spring. You’re a post-solstice winter melting! 🙂

Btw, I enjoy the partial spoonerism. other options: Charlie don’t snowboard, tha most gangerous dame, or snow-wtf already! ?

LoL, thanks! I was going to call it Pictures and Stuff or Hey, Art! but I thought I would, you know, try and stuff. Tha Most Gangrenous Dame sounds awesome like an inner city zombie hunting adventure!

It just snowed last night, but I think we’ve had a way easier time than Chicago and the east coast. Still, I’m burning up with the cabin fever.

Indeed. we’re pretty used to it up here but those poor virginians got bitch-slapped by mother nature. I’m antsy too. As soon as the next thaw, I’m off to adventure

Adventure! I’m actually looking for a new bike right now. Once I get it, I’m gonna ride it and ride it and ride it and ride it…

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