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Posted on: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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tall, distinguished, famous...not pretty

Dear Answer Lady:

I need your advice. I’m a huge Abraham Lincoln fan, but I can’t grow a Lincoln-esque chin curtain to save my life! To make matters worse, I’ve started growing hair out of my ears and I have more back hair than a county fair Tilt-a-Whirl attendant. What gives? Even though I’m a little bit fascinated by my new ear buddies, I know they need to go. I’ve tried everything…trimming, punching, praying real hard, but they keep coming back! What should I do?!!

Yours truly,

Ear Wig


Sorry dear, but this is the mailbox for Ask an Engineer!, the nation’s leading weekly romance and “lifestyle” advice column written by an engineer.  Answer Lady‘s mailbox is located at

If I may…Ask an Engineer!‘s official position on unwanted ear and body hair is ew, grody. However, unwanted hair is a common affliction and Ask an Engineer! neither judges nor mocks any reader’s unfortunate, grody circumstance.  Off the record, Ask an Engineer! suggests tweezing the offending hair(s) or retaining the services of a professional skilled in the art of electrolysis. Ask an Engineer! further suggests that trimmed hair always grows back and that it is not an effective or permanent hair removal technique…ditto for punching and praying.

Finally, Ask an Engineer! thinks a smooth, baby face can be very nice and kindly reminds you that, while Abraham Lincoln was one of our nation’s brightest and best leaders, he was a horribly unattractive man and should not be upheld as a standard of male beauty.

Happy Holidays!

The Ask an Engineer! staff

*Ask an Engineer! is a real idea I thought of pitching to some weeklies for a couple of seconds.  It’s kind of based on an email I sent my ex once. The idea was that people would ask me questions and I’d respond with a mixture of absurd, engineering analysis and folksy, homespun humor. I know, it’s been done, but never with an engineer…I think.

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