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Posted on: Monday, March 1, 2010

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cherry blossoms by Cherry Creek, February 28, 2002

I don’t think I’ll have much time to blog this week, but I wanted to say so in a quick update rather than letting the tubes grow cold and quiet.

The above photograph is from a new photo set of mine on flickr and it’s one that I’ve always liked a lot.  I took them on a cold, late-February Saturday in 2002.  It was the weirdest day.  There had been weeks of nice, spring-like weather and our part of the city decided it was time to green up again.  I was driving to school to visit a friend and I was struck by the contrast between the misty, gray, cold day and the first blush of spring.  It was lovely and magical and I asked to borrow my friend’s camera so I wouldn’t ever forget it.

Speaking of, I just unpacked a lot of old computer files onto a new NAS, so forgive me if I start posting a lot of blog entries and photos from the way back machine.

It was sad to see the end of the Winter Olympics last night, but I was ready for them to be over; I was really emotional for all of them and you can only be an Olympic shut-in for so long.  I don’t much care for sports, but I love the Olympics (winter more than summer).  I love how the Olympics shrink the distance between us and how we all get to experience the hospitality and sights of the host city, at least vicariously.  They’re like a two-week experiment in being a good neighbor and on your best behavior and they always make me happy. I can’t wait for London in 2012!

I think the end of the Olympics means that the business of winter is finally over and that we can start again.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to put this gloomy gray suck-hole of a season back in the box.  The photo and set are also a nice little reminder that spring is coming.  It may not seem like it where you are, but it is.  Really…I have it on good authority.  Until then, courage.


4 Responses to "Not time to cry, blog"

The Olympics have a very similar effect on me too.. in fact remarkably so. I’m in Spain for a semester (never left America before) and anticipating the Olympics before I left, I felt solace in the unity of the world. Even if for that fleeting 2 week period. And even if that means everyone seems to be behaving according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Oh wow, I can imagine that would be hard. I hope you’re having a good time though 🙂 I’m not much of a flag-waver in general, but I think I would be more of one if I was out of the country, esp. during the Olympics. Do you find that nationalism, say in Spain, is worse or about the same during the Olympics? I know what you mean, I’ll take parliamentary procedure over bad manners any day but it would be nice if we could move past that.

Interesting question. I must admit I’ve been pretty out of the current events loop and didn’t really notice much of a change in patriotism before/during/after the Olympics. The big deal in Spain is the impending World Cup… FUTBOL FUTBOL FUTBOL! Also, after Franco, the nationalistic mood of Spain has tempered (it seems) quite a bit. When I asked some classmates in a class if they had Spanish flags in their homes, they laughed at me!

Interesting…the only experience I have with the Spanish is a summer I spent working with a college-aged Spanish boy at a summer camp on the east coast. He was a nice guy, but very full of himself and always ready to tell us how great Spain was. Looking back, I think it had more to do with his homesickness and trying to keep his identity in another country than being an actual jerk.

I like your blog, btw!

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