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I’m still a little bit sad (and mad for some reason), but don’t worry, it’s going to be alright.  As proof of my intentions, I offer you the following pretty pictures.

So, this isn’t an art blog or a suitable replacement for ffffound or KN or pick your own art/design/lifestyle website.  But I’ve learned the hard way that if you see something you like, it’s easier to grab it and document it at the time.  If you wait, it’s unlikely you’ll find it again.   The other reason I do it is because I like art and it’s a good way to share my aesthetic, which is a major part of my personality.  And so…

Her name is Evelin Kasikov and here is her website.  Her art combines typography and textiles and I’d totally like to copy it for one of my projects.

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

Printed Matter by Evelin Kasikov

The next two are by Will Bryant for the Kitsune Noir Desktop Wallpaper project.

The next two are by Cody Hoyt.

cody hoyt drawing sketch illustration letter type

Finally, Are Mokkelbost from his set on booooooom.

are mokkelbost paper collage art artist artwork

I know I feel better.

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I think this will be the last one of these. I prolly have enough for two more, but I grow weary of this and you get the point. Whilst poring over all of these album covers, you may have noticed some trends in the art direction. So, because I care about you and the new metal band you’re going to start any day now, I’ve compiled a list of do’s and dont’s to consider when designing your band’s metal brand. To wit:

DO use a darker color palette…bonus points for black and gray.

DON’T feature any cute animals (teddy bears, unicorns, kittens), unless they are being sacrificed or are engaged in epic battle with barbarians of some sort…or sorcerers…or maybe each other.

DO include scenes from nature (like trees, forests, fjords, snow-capped glaciers, or mountains…bonus points for mist or fog), occult symbols, medieval woodcuts, or grainy photos from Word War II.

DON’T use photos from your last vacation, dorm room, or MySpace profile…unless they’re totally metal.

DO wear the appropriate costume for the photo shoot. Fur or leather loincloths, Renaissance Fair outfits, any spiked wrist guards, corpse paint, mud, blood, chain or plate mail, helmets, and weapons (swords, knives, maces, bludgeons, battle axes, etc.) are acceptable options.

DON’T wear evening gowns, footy pajamas, clown makeup (seriously), or animal mascot costumes.

DO design a band logo that is completely illegible and includes an upside down cross or other totally brutal graphic element.

DON’T ask your Mom for help with your band’s logo. Chances are, her finger is far from the pulse of what is going on in metal today.

and finally…

DO have fun with it!

To the pictures!

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In a comment I left on a friend’s blog, I said something like…

Wait, you better not be talking about that bitch Anna Karenina…her blog is so dumb.

Now, I’m sure all of you have read Leo Tolstoy’s realist masterpiece, Anna Karenina, so I won’t bore you with an in-depth analysis of its importance in the canon of modern literature…we all know.  Instead, I thought I’d expand on the idea that Anna Karenina, whilst still living in late 19th century Russia, somehow has a stupid blog.  Because that’s how I like my comedy…timely and relevant.  Here are some “excerpts” from her blog…

OMG, did you see what Countess Vronskaya was wearing last night?  Fur is murder you guys!  And big pink hats should be some kind of crime.

So, the other night, Leo was all, “Anna, vat do you tink about Anna Karenina 2: Hot Moscow Nights?”  And I was all

Guess who Count Vronsky’s crushing on?  THE ANSWER IS ME!!!!

Seriously y’all, I love Czar Alexander III.  I hope the Russian monarchy lasts a thousand years!

Peasants are stupid and the proletariat is stupidest.

Seriously you guys, BORSCHT IS GNARLS.  If you like it and you’re not my babushka, then we can’t be friends.  Sorry.

So you see, seriously you guys (lol), her blog is dumb and so is she…yet I still subscribe to it.  Why is that?  Actually, I bet she’d have a twitter account, which is even worse.

And just because I care about you all and I hate to leave you without some visual action on this, the Mondayest of Mondays, here’s some art that I love by Sanna Annukka


Into the Woods by Sanna Annukka

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Music: Ulver-Østenfor Sol Og Vestenfor Maane

A couple of nights ago, I had a little bit too much to drink and decided to listen to some music before bed.  While staring at the ceiling in the darkness of my bedroom, I listened to “Spook” and “Fourth of July” by Galaxie 500, then “Up With People” by Lambchop.  Sometime around the middle of Sonic Youth’s “Trilogy”, I figured it out…


…all of it.

Tears streamed down the sides of my face and my head swelled with a warming Insight.  Again, I had pulled aside the bloody veil of this world and gazed at the wonder and mystery that waits at the terminal.  I finally understood God’s plan for this world, my place and role and meaning, the exact method for connecting my mind and heart to everyone, everywhere via words and sounds and thoughts and pictures.  I uncovered the secrets for unimaginable wealth, perfect cupcakes forever, and thicker, fuller hair.  Then “New Mind” by Swans played and and I was standing on a rocky cliff jutting out over the gaping maw of  The Abyss.  I wept with fear and despair as I was pulled over the edge to my inescapable doom.   Falling, falling towards the horizon of my body’s annihilation, I saw a fine, silver line stretching from the moment of my death back to the time of my birth and the fear passed from me.

I fell asleep at some point and awoke to the sound of a workday morning’s alarm.  I struggled to remember the answers, but the night had left only shadows and suggestions.  Someday, somehow, I know I will remember.

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Music: Theoretical Girl-I Should Have Loved You More

I’m not sure why, but I was thinking about this artist (Joey Alison Sayers whose website is here) and how funny this picture is.  Here is the post from her site…

Oh my god, look! I painted a picture of you!

But, for an even more perfect gift for your friend, boss, or mother:
This painting is also available as a custom commission! For $80, I will paint a unique, unflattering caricature for you to give to the most special person in your life. And in the place of the text “you”, I will paint the name of the lucky recipient. Paintings are 4″x4″ acrylic on canvas. Click here to see some pencil sketches of sample paintings.
Email me at for more information!

She also has some nice comics…



So yeah, if you ever wanted to know about my sense of humor, these are pretty good examples of jokes that make me lol.  And it doesn’t hurt that she seems like a cool person.

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