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To commemorate NaNoWriMo, me and my new, competitive novel-writing team/crafting guild/crime-fighting society/comedy posse, Kittens of Infamy (rowwr!), is going to be dropping our first project on you like a white-hot hairball, any day now. So, consider yourself warned…and invited…to read.

The idea is simple.  There are four of us at the mo, and we’ll each be contributing ~1000 words to a novel every four days in a serial fashion, and posting the results and linking to the previous installments on each other’s blogs…like a more structured exquisite corpse.  At the end of the month (or thereabouts), we’ll have a new, award-winning novel and will start setting appointments to appear on Oprah, The Colbert Report, and Fox and Friends…or something.

Yes, this may, in fact, be the project that kills me (along with work busy-ness, the culmination of my grad school class, dating, regular blogging, and the rest of life), but so what.   I’m happy to be more busy and I kind of thrive on nausea-inducing, artificial pressure.

So, join us, won’t you?  Here are some inspirational team graphic kittens to tide you over.


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