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Mood: sleepy
Music: Sonic Youth-Madonna, Sean, and Me

Shhhh, don't be sad.

Thus endeth Blog, Sweet Blog‘s longest, most unfunny, in-joke.


Mood: blague absurde fromage
Music: Sonic Youth-Trilogy

Come and sit, hear my words, tiny baby. The elder prophecy tells of a warrior prince who will one day reveal the secrets of cheese and restore order to this broken house. It is the sacred duty of every tribesman to search for the hero of legend and, should the hero deem you worthy, accompany him on his holy quest. Be vigilant, child! The warrior may walk among us, even now. Ha! Even you tiny one, even you could be the incarnation of the chosen one.

mad kid

URNGHNG! Foolish, musclebound, mortal oaf! The prophecy foretells of a son, native born, that will wrest the Helm of Longing from the horrors of the Locryan Abyss and restore it to its rightful place in the Hall of Rejoicing. Look upon me, ye mortal, and tremble. I...AM...RETURN! Come mortal, we must prepare for the long journey ahead, and adventure!

Mood: hella hella
Music: What Not To Wear

Hello? ……
Hello? Who’s calling please? *heavy breathing*
Hello?!  …  Who is this? I can hear you breathing, you know.  …  I’m going to hang- secret…cheese
No! It can’t be. H-how did you find me? Oh God, NO….NOT AGAIN! secret cheese
Mood: weirdly hella
Music: Mates of State-Fraud in the 80’s


you’re never alone with a wheel of cheese,

your milky friend will let you do as you please,

police car chases and killer bees,

income tax audits and attorn-eeeeeeeys,

aren’t any match for my friend cheese!

Mood: hella weird
Music: Underworld-Born Slippy

Mary: See Bob? I’ve run this simulation hundreds of times, and I keep getting the same result.
Bob: Hmmm, you’re right Mary. According to these calculations…
Mary: …we’re days away from a  close encounter…with cheese! We’ve got to alert the President!
Bob: You know, I…I love you, Mary.
Mary: I know, Bob.  I know.

an introduction

Hi, I'm Anna and I love cheese!

This blog is a chronicle of my life and a catalog of happy ephemera. The About page has a little bit more information, but, remember, none of this is really's just a supplement, a thumbnail sketch, a mostly anonymous Intarwebs placeholder. I'm way better/less wordy in person. :-)

Oh, and if I wrote something about you and you thought it was mean or hurtful, I'm sorry. It's how I felt at the time, but probably isn't how I feel now. Chances are, I love you and I think you're awesome.


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