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Ok, it’s not that television rules my life or anything (I read…really…I just finished a book today in fact…why don’t you believe me?!), but I do try to watch a few shows.  As I mentioned, I love 30 Rock, but my new #2 favorite is NBC’s Parks and Recreation featuring Amy Pohler.  Insert…picture…NOW!

Parks and Recreation

Last night was the second episode and it’s definitely getting better.  It’s weird though, are all of NBC’s comedies going to use that pseudo-documentary style?  Speaking of, I just saw Albert Brooks’ mockumentary Real Life for the first time a couple of weekends ago.  It seems like it might have been one of the first of those types of movies and I liked it a lot…very funny and still totally relevant.  Anyway, I like Amy Pohler a lot too and have known about her since The Upright Citizens Brigade.

So, a little aside here…I’m kind of a comedy nerd, but I think I disagree with most of the nerds out there when I say that I was never a big fan of The UCB or even Mister Show for that matter.  I think they were important for their time, were terrific launching pads for a lot of great talents (why do I sound so smarmy?), and helped introduce the world to “alternative” comedy, but I didn’t think either show was consistently (or often) funny.  Believe it or not, I feel the same way about Blazing Saddles.  Maybe I should watch it again sometime, but I feel like I lost interest in Mel Brooks movies (except for Young Frankenstein) and Mad magazine sometime around 5th grade.  Sorry nerds.  Wanna know what I do like?  For me, Wet Hot American Summer is about as good as a comedy gets.   Pica, pica, picture!

It’s absurd, broad, silly, well-written, thoughtful, razor-sharp, intelligent, sweet, profane, warm, disgusting, and bizarre.  What do we do at the BBQ if we’re vegan? Which brings us back to Miss Pohler (and that is what’s called an awesome segue).  She was great in that movie (so was everyone else) and I have followed her work ever since.  So she’s great, but Parks and Recreation also has Aziz Ansari (from Human Giant) and Rashida Jones (briefly of The Office) and they’re both very good as well.

The final reason I love this show (another parenthetical comment) is that, like other comedies I love, there is  lot of human frailty in the characters.  In other words, they may behave absurdly, but it comes off as real people making the only choices they know how to make under, at times, absurd circumstances.   In the case of Pohler’s character (Leslie Knope), she’s an ambitious public-servant who totally buys the notion of working for the greater good.  Without disclosing too many stalker-friendly details, I also believe in the nobility of serving the greater good and the myth of America.  So if she gets misty-eyed talking about any of that in the show, I’m right there with her.  I’m not sure how this show can fail.

In other news, it’s snowing (really April 17th? Giant snow storm?)  and I took the bus.  The drive in was about 30 minutes too long and I know the ride back will be even worse.  Please join me in praying for an early dismissal today.

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