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Mood: Like someone who is having a bad day
Music: Der Blutharsch-III

I was hiding in my office…

am I done yet?…ugh…i hate how i look…i’m going to stay in here all day…i’m miserable…i look like hell…my hair is stupid…i chose incorrectly this morning…is it too late to set the building on fire?…what about an artist’s commune?…why me?…i hope no one comes up here…double ugh…why doesn’t anyone come up here?…i feel like hell…i am in hell…music isn’t helping…annihilatrix…la la la…there’s a cocteau twins festival?…is it wrong that i’m not hungry by now?…just wait until everyone leaves…i hate coding…why isn’t there a picture of the singles box set bonus disc?…fucking fuck…has anyone done any performance art with a jet engine and raw meat?…i should do performance art…i’m going to cross stitch the hell out of something tomorrow…i wish i had something to blog…

Your attention please.  This is an emergency.  Proceed immediately to the nearest assembly area and await further instructions.

omg, really?…hello today’s worst nightmare…fucking motherfucking fuck fuck

So yeah, I was feeling like hell-slathered dogshit doughnuts dipped in a lovely batter of misery and woe with a pinch of human suffering sprinkles and they had to pick today to have a building evacuation.  I made awkward small talk with my coworkers for oh, about 45 eternities while we waited for the alarm to be cleared.

You know what though?  Compared to the rest of the world, work feels comfortable.  Like, I can mess up and look horrid and people are still going to talk to me.  I hate to, all-of-a-sudden, find a bright spot in these last two dreadful days, but there it is.  So far, this is a safe place and it’s really nice to be myself here.  But I’m not  joking about the raw meat/ jet engine performance art.  That’ll show those stuffed shirts!

Anyway, feel like hell, not going into the details, but I need to do something about it.  I think I’ll clean up the house a little before and after electrolysis (have I told you about how I’m sick of that?) then go crazy nuts on some art makin’ and playing outside for the rest of the weekend.  Suck it, ennui!

Oh, and per my recent, hilarious rant about untitled songs…

“The reason for not giving any tracknames is a different one; tracknames are labels for they reduce a piece of music and lyric to a small useful word. Along with the word comes the imagination to the listener. This is easy to remark in looking at the catchy titles of many songs. Once the title is there it diverts the imagination of the listener and thus deprives him from letting his mind flow around the music and get his own – uninfluenced – impressions.”

“Tracknames are labels and therefore they diminish the experience of the listener and support their tendency for consumption”

I think both of these are from Albin Julius (co-founder of both TMLHBAC and Der Blutharsch).  Ugh, whatever, Albin…if that’s your real name.  I can respect his opinion on the matter and I sort of see his point, but how much fun is that?  I like peppering my blog with knee-jerk, poorly-reasoned diatribes that keep a good distance away from “truth” and “fact.”

Then again, I don’t agree that track names unduly influence a listener.  Unless the song is called, “This is a song about that time that I fell in love and my dog died and I was really sad”, I think there is still a lot of room for listener interpretation.  I guess he’s pretty serious about not naming his songs though, sorry y’all.

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