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If you’ve watched television, listened to the radio, read the paper, talked to the animals, or looked at a calendar today, you know it’s Earth Day.  Like me, you’ve prolly forgotten all about this particular day because every day is Earth for us, right?  Well, it may surprise you to learn, given my penchant for black metal and white-hot hatred of patchouli oil, that I am a major tree-hugger and secret hippie girl.

To celebrate this most earthy of Earth Days, I’m not going to get all preachy and tell you about my favorite bus route or the cute sticker I made for my giant recycling bin.  If you want that, just turn on any TV channel right now (except for Fox News, I’d imagine) and bask in the mainstream banality of “going green.”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad people are talking about environmental sustainability and minimizing our impact, but this will prolly be forgotten about in a few years.

Why do I believe this?  The answer can be found in today’s story…

When I was in college the first time, Earth Day was a big deal for me.  It was my first time away from home, I really liked playing Ultimate Frisbee, I owned a pair of Birkenstock sandals (still do), and I wanted to “do something.”  So, as certainly as dawn follows dusk, I found myself at the local campus PIRG (Public Interest Research Group, a nationwide, non-profit, lobby, organization started by Ralph Nader) asking to sign up for anything.  At this point, Earth Day was a couple of months away, so we were set to work painting posters and making decorations (out of paper, lots of paper, sigh) for the big day.  We had a lot of fun that Earth Day.  We handed out flyers, listened to music and speeches, walked around with no shoes on, and tried to sign up people for whatever cause we were pushing that day.  It seemed like my fellow students were pretty open to our message and it felt like we were actually making a difference.

I quit going to meetings a couple of months after Earth Day.  School was getting to be more difficult/less interesting and I lost interest right about the time they wanted us to go out and “canvas.” For those of you that don’t know, canvassing is when you walk house to house, knock on doors, and tell people about whatever it is you came there to tell them about.  Generally, canvassing is a political enterprise, but I think registered sex offenders are required to do a bit of light canvassing in some jurisdictions…I’m sure they hate it just as much as I do.  And I hated canvassing so very much.  I think having to sell candy for school and sports when I was a kid really queered me on it.  So I got out of that relationship.

Since then, I’ve tried to do what I can for our buddy, Earth.  A few years after that Earth Day it was like everyone just sort of moved on.  I’d occasionally ask about a workplace recycling program or talk to someone (no, not in that preachy, pedantic way I talk about Hello Kitty, I’d play nice) about Earth Day and I always felt like I had just arrived from Venus…nobody had any idea what I was talking about.  Earth Day was started in 1970 and it seems to get popular again every 10 years or so.  Maybe it’s my lot as a person that’s getting older to complain about constantly repeating the mistakes of the past, but come on, you guys.

Still though, things have gotten a lot better.  Maybe all of my generation heard what we were talking about in 1990 but had to wait until they were old enough to affect policy.  And I just teared up a little bit.  God, I’m such a sucker for the good in people…and thrilling accounts of ethical policy-making.

So yeah, I hope that’s true and I hope that we can all just keep doing it for the rest of the days after Earth Day.

Here are your pictures with amusing commentary…

Apparently, this is the Earth Day symbol…

Two made up words spring to mind when I look at the Earth Day Symbol…blech and gnarls.  Why doesn’t anybody consult me on these sorts of problems?   I’m not usually that busy and I care, you know?  I like the ecology flag better…

Or how about Canada’s Earth Day flag?

File:Earth Day Canada logo.svg

O Canada, is there anything at which you are not awesome?

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