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One of the awesome (not awesome) things about HRT is that I get to have fun with puberty all.over.again.  Remember  puberty?  Remember how everything was so intense and awkward and profound and boring and amazing and miserable and lovely and like it was all taking forever?  That’s every week for me.  I feel like I’m totally in sync with all the 16 year old girls in the world who wear too much eyeliner and always keep a copy of Prozac Nation and The Virgin Suicides on their nightstand; mah tumblr followings seem to agree.  And that can be kind of…inconvenient(?) when you play a 30-something engineer lady in real life.

Some days/weeks/months are better than others.  This last time was hard, but not hard enough to do me in, I guess.  I’m feeling better, and I think it motivated me to finish these…

now we can be together forever by anna hell

eternity by anna hell

They’re photographs and I first tried them a few years ago.   Click the photos for the rest of the series.  I know they’re kind of lazy art (though I’ve seen much lazier), but I think they’d make nice embroidery pieces at some point.  Lazy or no, I’m still happy with how they turned out and I feel like this most recent, bleak period was the only time I could have finished them.  So there.

Also…I can’t stop listening to this song.

Well, I’m off to make a get-well card for my mother.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Mood: Ornery, dag nabit
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Maybe I shouldn’t write in the mornings anymore.  Usually, my first instinct is to complain about something that makes me mad or things that are stupid.  But, I’m not really like that in person….honestly.  I could attribute my righteous anger to the fact that I haven’t yet finished my coffee.  Or, maybe it’s because I haven’t yet relaxed from this morning’s getting ready marathon (up at 6:30, didn’t have to play Fashion Show, hour-long commute, still five minutes late).  Whatever the reason, ich habe Wut.  To illustrate, today we’ll be using the time-honored bulleted list.

-You have my word that I will never, ever solicit the services of, nor force you to suffer through a “guest blogger.”  This is my house and my journal.  If I don’t feel like putting anything up, I won’t.  I do not feel the need to constantly occupy the empty spaces with words and voices and I take a dim view of those that do (you have the low self-esteem).  Sorry.  See, I told you was ornery.

-I am officially sick of being single.  Officially.  I have no idea what to do about this (dating can be…complicated…even under the best of circumstances), but there it is.  As long as this condition persists, I can promise you there will be some emo-type posts…maybe poetry…possibly some “find your soul-mate” online quizzes.  If you’d rather that didn’t happen, introduce me to some very open-minded guys.

-The secret curse of blogging all the time is that everything becomes blogworthy, bloggable…blogistic?  So, my internal monologue is like, “omg you guys, you’ll never believe what this guy said to me in line at the grocery store” all.the.time.  Let’s all take a moment to thank whomever you wish that I edit myself.  For instance, sometimes I use the restroom for purposes other than washing my hands.  Write some intardnet fan fic about that one! So, if something odd slips past, sorry.  I can’t help it.

-Healthy Choice frozen entree directions are TLDR and TCDF (too complicated, didn’t follow).  To wit,

HC meal directions

Ok, here are some observations:

1.  So, I need to be making the film cover into an arts and crafts project what with all the selective cutting and slitting?  No.

2. I don’t even know how to set our microwave at work for whatever time I want (don’t ask, it’s weird).  So the best I can manage is POTATO which is like 2:45.  And to this day, the Wattage rating of any microwave continues to hold almost no interest for me.

3. I don’t have time to be letting my food stand for any minutes, let alone two.  Food is entirely too lazy and should not be encouraged.

4. Federal regulations prohibit the bringing of food thermometers and medieval swords to work, so I’m going to take my chances that the Microwave of Infinite Mystery did not let me down. Also, isn’t the food supposed to have been cooked already?

So, seriously you guys?  Other than those minor complaints, I like the meals.

Wow, maybe I should have broken this post into a number of economy fun packs?

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