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the object of my affection, the Pashley Princess Sovereign

So, I’m right in the middle of a feverish (as in it’s sort of driving me mad) search for a new bicycle.  I have a bike now, a shiny silvery mountain bike, but we’ve grown apart since she came to live with me four years ago.   Last spring, I started to crave a more simple, fun bicycle experience instead of an aggressive, exercise-y one.

At first, I thought I might like one of those new-fangled cruisers all the kids are talking about…

the Electra Gigi

I knew I wanted a cute bike with an upright ride, a comfy seat, a little bell, fenders, a basket and at least three gears…all for under three hundred dollars 🙂  My expectations may be the, how do you say, unrealistic? I scoured craigslist and asked friends to ask around for sweet deals.

Not content to leave well enough alone, I kept researching and found the wonderful blog, Let’s Go Ride a Bike. Unfortunately, the sage advice of Dottie and Trisha, the blog’s authors, proved to be my undoing, budget-wise.  Both of them had an interest in well-made, much more expensive bicycles and my dreams of cheap, third-hand cruisers were replaced with better dreams filled with shiny, European, heirloom bicycles…

WorkCycles Oma

The WorkCycles Oma from Dutch Bike Co. Chicago

Unfortunately, these are just over $1500 new, which is waaaayyyyy more than I wanted to spend.  Even more unfortunately, these bikes touched me in a special, magical place where my obsessive crazy took over and wouldn’t let me rest until I possessed one of these lovely wonder bikes.

I was doing all right, coping with the giant, gorgeous bike-shaped hole in my heart, until a friend of mine Facebooked me this…

this bike is usually $1000 plus. i asked him if he’d ship, and he has more of them!!!! contact him if you wanna get in on this!

To which I replied…

OMG!!! Besides the Azor Oma, that is the other bike I’m totally in love with! Are you going to buy one too?

Fast forward a few hours and multiple confused emails later…my friend was working out how to get her new Pashley Princess Sovereign (see top picture) shipped to her house for like $500.  Bitch! I ended the day with nothing.  The guy only had the one bike and the rest of craigslist and ebay was a beautiful bike ghost town.

I’ve had the bad fever since then.  I’ve seen a couple of ok deals in the interim, but nothing to make me want to plunk down $500 (or more) that I don’t really have.  The good news is that I now know what I want can’t live without: a Pashley Princess Sovereign, a WorkCylces Azor Oma, or a Gazelle Toer Populair.  So if any of y’all know someone, put in a good word for me?  Pretty please?

I know I’ll find something, eventually, but it hardly matters at the moment.  It’s a winter wonderland right now and not exactly inspiring, new bike weather.  But winter can’t last forever (right?) and me and my new bike will be ready for a super-fun spring whenever it decides to get here.

Is there a special little bicycle in your life?  What springtime shenanigans are you looking forward to?

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Looking down Denver's 16th St. Mall, New Year's Eve 2009. Photo courtesy of

So, I pretty much had the best New Year’s Eve ever this year!  How about you guys?

Lil Big Johnny John John and I decided to spend the night in downtown Denver.  The were two fireworks displays (one at 9 pm, one at midnight) on the 16th St. Mall and hanging out with a lot of Denver on the street seemed like the perfect way to spend the holiday.  We stayed at a really nice hotel (The Westin) and made reservations at an amazing French retsaurant (BistroVendôme).  The fireworks, hotel, and restaurant were all within four blocks of each other, so we thought we’d check into the hotel early, “watch tv,” go to dinner, see the midnight fireworks show, then head back to the room to “drink tiny bottles of mini bar liquor.”

Dinner was tres bon!  LBJJJ and I had mussels, a potato and leak amuse-bouche, quiche with a tossed spinach salad, squab with chicken sausage and cabbage, and a red wine poached pear stuffed with a Gorgonzola cheese filling.  There were four courses and each was paired with a wonderful wine.

I made the dinner reservation for 10:30 in the hopes that we could have a nice, leisurely dinner then mosey/amble/saunter down to the fireworks.  We got to the restaurant early, but we had to wait for 15 or 20 minutes before a table in the main room opened up, but I so didn’t care.  The night had been going so well up until then and I was trapped in a glowing bubble of perfect night bliss.

We spent the dawn of the new decade (it’s weird to say that, bye 2000’s!) with funny hats and champagne in the restaurant, but again, didn’t care.  No amount of fireworks or crowds could have overshadowed the romantic night we were having.

Actually, we did see fireworks that night.  They shot them off the building right across the street from our hotel room and we watched the whole show from the window while we were “watching tv.”  C’est Magnifique!

After dinner, we went to a nearby bar for a few vodka drinks before the short walk back to the hotel. There were more good times, but I’m going to wrap it up here.  This is a family blog, y’all…use your imagination.

So yeah, Best.New Year’s.ever!  It wasn’t what we’d initially planned, but it turned out to be an extremely memorable, romantic holiday.

In other news, John and I both changed our dating site profiles to “seeing someone” and told Facebook we’re “In a Relationship” with each other.  So, I guess we’re like, official and stuff.  Squeeeeeeeeee!!!

Tune in next post for some wacky, yet obligatory New Year’s resolutions!

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