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I just had to post this.  My Dad and I have been emailing each other a lot lately.  Today he sent me a short note with the subject “general election” and these words at the top…


Yes, my father composes his emails entirely in  capital letters and he writes in sentence fragments.  I fucking hate what Bush and his friends have done to this country, so I unloaded on dear old Dad with both barrels.  To wit…

Umm, I going to have to totally disagree with you about McCain/Palin Dad.  John McCain may have been a maverick at one time eight years ago, but he’s since become a Republican lap dog.  He’s as in the pocket of Big Oil as Cheney or Bush.  Do you remember how fucking abysmal the last eight years have been, Dad?  Remember how the economy’s in the shitter and how high gas prices are, how we’re in the middle of a totally unnecessary war that Bush and his buddies invented the need for that’s costing us about 12 BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH, how this group of Republicans has managed to spend more than any other Democrat in the history of the US, how most of the world hates us now, and how this President has totally fucking failed to dismantle Al Quaeda or find Osama Bin Laden (remember, the reason we went to war in the first place?)?

John McCain is not going to change our country’s course one bit.  He’s too old doesn’t have the energy or strength of character to put any of his “maverick” ideals into action.  Yes, Palin is an alright looking woman but she is a corrupt and vacuous person who’s only government experience is running a town of under 10,000 and a year of running the least populous state in the union.  Plus, she’s a fucking Pentecostal…you know, they’re the ones that handle snakes and speak in tongues.  If McCain kicks the bucket during his presidency (which is likely), she’s going to make Bush’s marriage of church and state seem like the Spanish goddamned Inquisition.  Aren’t you tired of these religious nut jobs running things and telling you what to believe?  If you don’t mind watching as the US goes completely off the rails and if you want to see Jeanie’s son get killed in Iraq, in other words, if you really hate America, then yes, by all means, vote for McCain.

I think Obama is the next JFK.  He seems like the kind of guy that has the intelligence, strength of character, and leadership it will take to pull us out of the sinkhole that Bush has left us in.  I don’t know what you’ve heard, but Obama is not a Muslim extremist…he’s not even a Muslim.  I think Obama will enable the US to become a leader in alternative fuel systems (and not that E85 bullshit corn crutch) which will have the entire world at our doorstep again.  It’s likely he’ll end the war and use that money to fund our economic recovery and science/technology research, not raise taxes.  This country needs some serious change or we’re going to be watching its final act.  Obama is the only candidate I have seen since Clinton (and he’s better than Clinton) that can make real change happen…and he’s going to win.  You might as well get on the winning side now while there’s still time.  Tell your friends!

Ok, I’m done ranting now…that’s a long enough email.  Keep writing and if you have a decent pro-McCain argument, I’ll listen.

Do you think I was too hard on him?  I sort of regret it, but he’s a big boy and I’m sure he can handle it.  He should have known (and prolly does now) that I will not stand for such idle political chatter.  Stakes is high, y’all.

In other news, I finally managed to shoot the first three video logs for YouTube.  Once I got everything set up, it was pretty easy and kind of fun.  I still need to edit them and figure out some sort of funny intro, but they’re close to being done.

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