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Music: Six Organs of Admittance-River of Transfiguration

He put a version of this on his site, but the way he edited it makes me seem unfunny and incoherent.  So, here’s the real thing, uncut and direct…because I care about you guys…and what you think of me…and that you think I’m more funny than he is…and kittens.

Anna: urgh! big business is playing redacted at the redacted lounge
Andrew: are you gonna tell them to shove their copyright reform up their cramholes?
Anna: no :\
Anna: they’re a good band
Anna: oh, do you mean Big Business?
Andrew: um, let me check slashdot and ars technica real quick
Anna: that wasn’t all supposed to be italicized
Andrew: that was supposed to be a joke
Andrew: i’ve never heard of big business.
Anna: well, it’s hard to tell
Andrew: do they have black brains, skeletons, et. al as well?
Anna: they’re good, came from Karp, part of Murder City Devils, play in Melvins now
Anna: no, but thanks for asking
Anna: they’re just heavy
Anna: i listen to music that isn’t dark you know
Andrew: LOL WUT
Anna: stfu
Anna: for reals
Anna: i’m not so 1 dimensional
Andrew: whatever. go deface some churches.
Anna: don’t you whatever me
Anna: i don’t go in for that sort of thing
Andrew: oh, so you just plant pentagrams then?
Anna: not at all
Anna: i usually volunteer at animal shelters
Andrew: ooohhhh yeah, so when one needs to be put down you can just take it to your ritual
Andrew: smart!
Anna: nice turn around
Anna: but still no
Andrew: this isn’t fun when you just deny stuff
Anna: 🙂
Anna: k fine, rituals and stuff
Anna: it’s so awesome
Andrew: too late
Anna: this one time, we had four different kinds of animal blood
Anna: it was like a salad bar for satanists
Anna: zing!
Andrew: you mean the blood was dressing for your salad bar
Anna: no, “like” means it was similar to that, but not actually that
Anna: more like a soup
Andrew: ok, i was going to complain again but then you brought it back

In other news, I actually got up early enough to ride the bus!  Goooooo, me!  It was scary, kind of.  The bus isn’t bad, but I ride the light rail to the bus station.  On the train, people sit like three feet in front of your face.  So, there was the nerve-wracking scrutiny, but, again,  I didn’t die or burst into flames.  I still have to take them home, but I think it’s going to be alright.

Oh, and I know I’m kind of doing this in reverse, but you guys should really listen to that Six Organs song and, like meditate.  It’s third eye-opening good.

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