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My little one, Torrie, as a very young, web-saavy cat.

Remember when I told you luverly peoples about my old college website yesterday? Well, these are the graphics I made for it!  Just look at them…now, I’m no professional website designer, but I’m pretty sure people don’t use powder blue, blue blue, light pink, hot pink, and melon red as the stars of any website’s palette.  They’re all kind of washed out and seem to make the reading “challenging.”  They’re also twee as fuck and reminiscent of a twelve year old Hello Kitty fan’s design aesthetic.  Regardless, I did and do love these colors and I still like looking at these little experiments in Photoshoppery.

So, this first one (up there) was the banner for my links page; shocking, no?  I called it “Hot Links” because I thought it sounded clever and because I think I was aiming for that crucial, hot dog lover demographic.  I was also a lot more into fonts back then.  I forget the name of that one, but it’s round and fun looking.

It hate to be all Angela-from-The-Office, you guys, but I fucking love cats.  More importantly, I love my cat and that seems like justification enough for a whole web page devoted to her and her kitten-y exploits.  Oooh!  I should pull up the text from that page and post it, riveting! Again, notice the weird font and the fact that it is different from the previous font.  I knew then that sites should have a consistent look and feel, but I just wanted to use a bunch of crazy fonts all over the place!

Hmm, not really sure what I used the pink and red hearts border for.  I mean, it’s awesome, but still…myserious.  It might have been a border for all the Jack-in-his-underwear shots on the Jack Black mash book page.  Maybe it’s some kind of code?  I guess we’ll never know.

Awww, wook at da wittle staws and hawts and snowfwakes! Ugh, so cute!  Again, not sure what I used it for (a header?) but it definitely belongs in the Hall of Cute.

I don’t care what you guys say, I love the old Blog, Sweet Blog logo and I’m seriously considering bringing it out of retirement.  The picture was from, of all things, a haunted house photo shoot I was on.  All of the pictures turned out to be an awful mess mystery, but I liked the stars hanging from the ceiling in this one.  Except for the new, different font (Bauhaus something?) it looks like it fits in with the rest of the site.

And finally, this little beauty is from the header I designed for Dr. John Clark’s comp sci ethics class, CSC 4735-Computers, Society, & Ethics.  We had to create a blog for the class and post a weekly bit on whatever ethical topics struck our fancy that week.  No, I won’t be reposting those. It was a fun assignment and I tied it in with the rest of my site and personal blog.  Wacky font with hearts for dots + Rodin’s The Thinker = Best College Ethics Blog Banner ever!

What did your college ethics blog graphics look like?  How have you incorporated Auguste Rodin’s work into your web sites?

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Wow, I’ve been listening to mostly metal and darker stuff (a lot of Anathema) the last few days and we’ve been having the best time!  It’s been a rainy and cold kind of week and I think I’m already packing away summer for fall.  Sorry summer, you had a good run, but we’ve got to move on.    Frankly, I think we’re all a little tired of your heat, your weird volleyball obsession, those skimpy clothes, and the sweaty hair sticking to the forehead.  So, see you next year, summer.  You know the way out, right?

So kittens, the point of this post is not to illustrate my rich fantasy life, nor my love of autumn.  It bothers me that the seasons are not capitalized. No, like the title says, I want to talk about hot guys, er, Hott Guyz, that I’d like to date/marry/snog and the important qualities said hot guy should posses.  To illustrate, here are too many pictures of guys I like and a little description of why I like them.

Noel Fielding-he’s one of the stars of The Mighty Boosh, he’s English, has messy cool hair, he’s very funny…ummm, cool emo skeleton shirt thing? John Cusack-You don’t know who John Cusack is?  Come on, people.  He’s that smart, funny American actor from awesome movies like High Fidelity, Better Off Dead, and Grosse Pointe Blank. Russel Brand-super English, very funny, dead sexy like a gay pirate rocker, messy cool hair (I’m noticing a trend), but I’m not sure that he’s the marrying/stay with a girl more than one day type.
John Krasinski John Krasinski-from The Office and that new, sweet-looking movie with Maya Rudolph.  He’s funny too, has kind of messy hair, and seems like a sweet guy. Jason Lee-Jason, I have been in love with your dopey charm, messy hair (uh-oh), and quick wit since Mallrats, and you just keep getting better.  Heck, I even like the mustache.  I’m calling it right now…they should totally do a Smokey and the Bandit remake and my betrothed can play The Bandit. Ben Affleck-Shut up, I don’t want to hear it, you guys.  I thought he was really good in Jersey Girl and Chasing Amy and he’s charming and good looking, ok? Jason Sudeikis-Finally, a Phil Hartman-esque Saturday Night Live leading man.  It doesn’t hurt that he had a guest run on 30 Rock and that his hair is sorta messy.  Liz Lemon is the crazy…I’d totally move to Cleveland with him.
Jack Black at the Los Angeles premiere of Tenacious D: In the Pick of Destiny  - 11/09/2006Jesse Grant, Sir Jack Black-Again, you may have “opinions” about Mr. Black, but I’m not interested in hearing them.  He’s not bad looking, but he has mega-personality and nuclear wit…mostly messy hair..oh God, I AM that easy! Paul Rudd-Messy hair, messy hair, messy hair…and he’s a Wet Hot American Summer alum. Andy “Messy Hair” Sandberg-I’m kind of an SNL nerd too and I really like the era that started with Andy Sandberg’s arrival…”Laser Cats” and “Lazy Sunday.” Greg Anderson-Dunno if he’s funny or not, but he’s a good-looking beardo, runs Southern Lord Records, and is one half of Sunn O))).  I’m sure his hair is pretty messy. Stephen O’Malley-a.k.a. SOMA and one half of Sunn O))).  A talented graphic artist and musician who rocks a mean Van Dyke and lives in Paris!  Le sigh! Stephen Malkmus-Messy hair from way back, Scrabble-loving, and the incredibly talented songwriter from Pavement and Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks. Seriously, I would marry some of his lyrics…to wit: “the yearling took the purse, the goth kid has a hearse” and “The Hook.”
lovehopehate:  captainoo:  burypockets: BEST PERSON ON FOOD NETWORK, EXCEPT MAYBE ALTON BROWN. GEOFF. I LOVE HIM.   I want to jump his bones. Geof Manthorne-A quiet, dry-witted, messy-haired, sweet, cake-decorating man with the piercing blue-green (hazel?) sex eyes.
Ben Turner-Also from Ace of Cakes.  This isn’t the greatest picture of him, but I assure you, he’s arty, mustachioed, vaguely French-looking, and now.  Seriously, I like his look…like he really looks like he should be from John Water’s Baltimore…in a good way.
Adam Richman Adam Richman-What?  So I watch a lot of foody shows.  I didn’t want to fall in love with Adam Richman.  I have a major problem with competitive eating and it seems like that’s about all he does on Man v. Food.  So, even though I worry about him, he’s got a lot of chubby charm and I’m sure he’d treat a lady right…or at least feed her.

So, if you’re keeping score at home, apparently, I like guys with the brown, messy hair and oodles of personality that are on television or in rock bands. I didn’t know I was so easily pegged.  Which list guy would you rather a) date/marry and b) have a hot, one night, throwdown with*? Are there any non-Pitt/Clooney, glaring omissions?

Tune in next time for Hott Guyz, Y’all II:  The Hott Girlz Edition.

a) a three-way tie between SOMA, Jack Black, and Jason Sudeikis
b) Russel Brand or Ben Turner!

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