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We did it Internets! Somehow, I’ve managed to cajole, hoodwink, and harangue people into looking at my blog just over 1.0×10^3 times.  Granted, one in three of those views is prolly mine (I just love my blog), but numbas are numbas, people and you can’t argue with steam-powered locomotion.

I started this blog in…March, I think.  So, that’s about 250 views per month, but there is a slow, upward growth trend.  So, in other words, it should only take me another, 3.56 more years (approximately) to become “internet famous.”  I can’t wait.

In other news, this is like post 99, so stay tuned for a 100 Posts All-Star Spectacular just as soon as I get around to posting 100 posts.

In other, other news, my visit to the dentist was great and incident-free.  Actually, I was expecting some kind of something to happen, but it was totally normal.  Either they’re the most courteous and professional dental practice in the world, or it never occurred to them that I’m trans.  Either way, I highly recommend having an angst-free trip to the dentist.  Also, it looks like my name is good and changed with my university.  I posted this in the comments last time, but it seems like the problem was related to my numerous entries (due to numerous student jobs) in the HR database.  What the HR database has to do with my student email and random web greetings, I’ll never know.  Regardless, I’m glad it’s fixed.

Oh, and these lovelies have been clogging up my tabs for far too long…

Entangle II by Josh Keyes

Scorch II by Josh Keyes

Death by James Jirat Patradoon

Untitled by James Jirat Patradoon

Untitled by James Jirat Patradoon

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