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Originally written for mah tumblr, apologies for the cross-posting and etc..

This is what my cat’s imaginary next door secret boyfriend looks like, crossed eyes and all.

I’ve lived in the same townhouse since 2001 and have had the same, next door neighbors for most of that time.  Their cat, lets call him Tommy, seems to spend most of his day on my deck or curled up in a ball on my welcome mat.  I don’t really mind.  He seems like a pleasant sort and always moves out of the way when asked.  But the fact that he hangs around so much, makes me want to gossip and tell wild stories about him.  And, like any other mother, I wonder about his intentions, with my cat…my painfully single, sweet, soft-spoken, pure-bread, indoor cat.

It’s the crossed eyes that give me pause.  I know, I know, I should really grow up already and stop giggling whenever he looks up at me, but he’s just so dopey looking! Every time I see him, I hear my ex, imitating his slow, dimwitted drawl.

DURRR, hello Miss Lady.  Is Torrie in there? She’s so pretty! Can I go inside to talk to her?  She’s my friend.  Are you her mommy?

His dopey eyes and that imagined voice make me want to shoo him away.

NO!  Bad cat! Go away!  She doesn’t want to see you.  She’s too good for you!  YOU’LL NEVER BE TOGETHER!!!

Which would be a mean thing to say and kind of sad for Tommy, if I thought he could understand any of it.

Unfortunately, I think Torrie’s into him.  She’s never even been outside and I’m sure he represents the excitement and mystery of an outdoor life she’s never lived.  We’ve all been there, right?  The sexy rebel, the badboy/girl; we want what’s bad for us.

I’ve seen how she looks at him.  I’m worried that she wants to run away and make the slow, goofy looking babies with him (or at least make out a lot), but I can’t let that happen.  She can do better.

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