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Music: Jennie Garth in the Lifetime movie original, Secret Santa

Heavy Metal Santa rewards the good and punishes (murders) the wicked.

Hey Internets!  It’s me, Anna!

So, I think I’ve watched almost every Lifetime, Hallmark, and TMC Christmas movie this year and I’ve just about reached my breaking point.  Yep, I’m one or two more Whoopi Goldberg or Jenny McCarthy made-for-TV movies away from dropping a Christmas miracle of an unending stream of F-bombs.  I’d better take it easy, there are still four days left until the big day.

I’m finally done with my Christmas shopping and mostly done with the wrapping, but there’s nothing I can do about this raging case of gift dread.  I like to joke that my interest in a person’s gift ends as soon as I put it in their hands, but that’s just me, talking tough.  The embarrassing truth is that I’m gnashing my teeth and wringing my hands with the worry for hours after.

I feel like I’m smart and creative enough to be an amazing gift-giver.  Every new Christmas is a chance for redemption, but I feel like I rarely live up to my own expectations.  Did I spend enough?  Did I spend too much?  Are my gifts too impersonal?  Too weird?  Why didn’t I buy anything from or make anything by hand?  Why did I buy my mother a Princess Leia action figure?  Why do I suck at this? Will they like it?  Is my sucky gift a thinly veiled condemnation of the recipient and her/his abhorrent “lifestyle” choices?  Do I harbor a secret, burning hatred for my friends and family?   See what it’s like to be in my head, Internets?It’s like a desert filled with billions of jagged, thorny questions all begging to be answered right now.  Then again, it’s also like a little town populated by cats that speak with a British accent and wear clothes and have cat jobs and little gardens.

I’ll do better next year, promise.  I think I’ll make a viva la resolution list later, but I’m really going to try to make some crafty gifts or at least put a lot more thought into them next year.

Holy wow, Brittany Murphy died yesterday.  She was 32.  I had watched and really enjoyed a few of her older movies (esp. Ramen Girl and Love and Other Disasters) this year and I was excited to see what she’d do next.  She was a nice mix of cute, funny, tough, sweet and smart and it’s too bad she had to leave so soon.  Sorry to end on a sad note, but I just heard about it.

I hope you all are having a super great holiday season!

Love and xo, your biggest fan,


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