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I wanted to post something, but I’m kind of out of the ideas.   I have this really great post planned on why Healthy Choice frozen dinners bother me, but I need a picture for that…stay tuned!  Sorry, don’t get upset.  You can’t force magic.  It has to grow on its own through mitosis or whatever.

Today, I want to talk about how I’m really disappointed in all of you and why I feel this way.  In short, y’all aren’t writing enough in your blogs.  I subscribe to like 238 blogs through Google Reader and some days, it just doesn’t seem like enough.  If I get to work early, I like to spend my time reading blogs and news.  If it’s a good day, there will be posts from 4 fashion blogs, 5 trans blogs, 3 art blogs, 1 from people I know blogs, and maybe 2 from funny blogs (one of which should be lolcats).  And, to be honest, you’re not meeting your quotas.  Consider this a verbal warning.  There may be disciplinary action if your productivity does not increase.

And in case work is getting you down…

Stupid desk! By overturning you, I reject my station within the numbed proletariat and join the swelling chorus of the bearded bohemian! Woe be to you and those that you serve, office furniture.


If only the zombie apocalypse were so lovingly illustrated. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be a lot more messy.

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Well y’all,

I’m just about to leave for the day.  Let’s check in with that to-do list…

1. Write a quick note to the few people I kind of like and let them know what is going on with me and why they’re having this weird meeting on Monday.

Did it, all three of them were awesome.  If anything, this is a great reminder of how cool people can be.

2. Print out some lolcats and art pictures and put them up near my door.  I have a few pictures up now, but I thought I’d increase the visual interest at my office home if the entire institute is going to be walking by my door next week.

Lord knows I tried, but I could not engineer a way to print in color.

3. Pick up my office and clean the desk.

Take that dirt!

4. Maybe do some work.

Does reading three paragraphs count?

5. Freak out some more.

Done and done.

6. Go for a run in the rain at lunch.

TCDR (Too Cold, Didn’t Run)

7. Post another 3(?) blogs.

Who’s the boss of this blog?

8. Go home early.

But it’s alright.

So hey, that’s one, two, three, four items!  I gets the win.

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