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It’s been a while since I posted some art…too long, I think.

A special fella took me to that Barnaby Furnas exhibition at the MCA a week or two before I got sick and it was a-mazing. I literally got weak in the knees and swooned a little bit in front of the main painting (the one that looks like Flood, might be Flood).  It was gigantic (like 15 feet tall x 20 feet across), and violent and sickly beautiful.  Honestly, I could have stared at it for another two hours.  There were two other really good ones, as well.  I still might go back for some more slack-jawed, awe gazing before it closes.

So anyway, too long without art…I think my recent hospital stay and the thrilling end of my grad school class this week both contributed to moving my finger farther from the pulse of arts on the webs.  In other words, I haven’t been keeping up on the art blogs and I haven’t randomly stumbled across any pieces I immediately fell in love with. So, today’s post is kind of a grab bag of pieces I found over the last hour.  They’re all good and worthy of blog space, but I kind of felt compelled to find something to fill the page.  And if you’ve noticed, I keep trying to branch out and share new styles.  I love pop surrealism and cutesy, brightly colored anything, but I feel one-note if that’s all I ever post.  I hope you appreciate the variety 🙂


Zombie Bank, 84 x 168 inches

Zombie Bank by Wendy White

Track by Wendy White

The two above are amazing.  It took me about 30 seconds  to move from dismissive to captivated.  It’s like they’re alluding to being reminiscent of graffiti and cheap spray paint…they’re so good, it’s sickening.  I love it when artists post their pieces to a website chronologically; you can see how they’ve developed their style and where they might be going.  If you look at Wendy White’s earlier pieces on her site (click one of the paintings), it’s clear that she’s reached a point where she has mastered this particular aesthetic.  ❤ ❤ <3!


PAGES 34 AND 35 by Manfred Aescher

Same with this one above, go to his site and look at the series for a while.

Flashlight by Allison Grant

The Old Quarry by Justin McAllister

you first by Beau Chamberlain

21st Century boys & girls golden mountain by SSIN

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