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I don’t care what you say.  We’ve Only Just Begun by Carpenters is a fucking great song…and you can tell I mean what I say because I used a curse word.

So, I’m not going to do a ridiculously long post today because I have to, like, work and stuff today…and tomorrow…and kind of from now on.  Don’t worry, we can still be friends, but it’ll be closer to a hi/bye thing than bailing you out of jail relationship.  Sorry.

So, I have two pictures for you.  The first is by a photographer I just saw on ARTISTADAY.  Her name is Alex Prager and her photos are really good.  And that’s saying a lot. See, I have…feelings…about photography and where it fits into Fine Art.  I’m not going to go into it here, but let’s say I hold photography to a much higher standard.  So yeah, she’s awesome, go to her site and look at all of her photos.  I love the washed out and super-saturated Southern California desperation in them.

HELEN by Alex Prager

In other news, one time I made fun of this guy for a particularly horrible dinner bowl he concocted one night.  Turns out, I am way worse at playing dinner sometimes…

Shut up, I know.

Shut up, I know.

So…God, how can I explain this?  You’re looking at a plate of baked beans, two grilled chicken thighs, and a piece of day-old frozen pizza with some spaghetti sauce on top.  I feel dirty and embarrassed. Um, I was really tired (and, apparently, mentally ill) when I got home and had that chicken and the piece of pizza and I thought, “why not baked beans?”    And yes, I ate it.  Believe it or not, I’m actually a good cook and know what I should be eating for dinner.  That chicken is actually for a lovely black bean stir fry that I’m going to make…Thursday?  Amway, consider this my apology.

In other, other news…I’m still doing well.  I got my new driver’s license and Social Security card yesterday, so I can finally get a new library card…which was the actual point of this whole exercise.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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