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FROM TUMBLR: One of the funnier whiteboard jokes (which isn’t saying much) from the engineering computing lab when I was in school. Someone drew a nice dog on the whiteboard and I added the words….because I like to help.

Ugh!  I’m so sorry, you guys.  I’ve been so busy tumblrlogging and wrestling with a bunch of hot, sweaty story ideas, that I’ve been neglecting my oldest and bestest love, Blog, Sweet Blog.  Again, sorry, but allow me to explain.

Oooh, wait!  First, let me explain the “not-dearth” thing.  Sometimes, when I write, I consult a dictionary or thesaurus to double check a word’s meaning or spelling.  I had dropped “dearth” on a friend of mine during a particularly lengthy and productive Skype call this weekend.  The context was something like, “Yeah, there’s too many choices these days; there’s a dearth of options!”  She even made especial note of the word when I said it and , at the time, I thought she was admiring mah mad word skillz.  I thought I’d go back to the well this morning and impress you all with a well-placed dearth or some other, more obnoxious synonym.  Well, color me all kinds of embarrassed; the Wiktionary told me that the synonyms for dearth were scarcity and paucity, not abundance and plenty+1 to the forces of evil allied against me! This is a one-woman operation, you guys.  Sometimes, I make mistakes, ok?  Sometimes I’m not a “good speller” or a “person who knows the meanings of words and uses them correctly in a sentence.”  I don’t think you should let a silly thing like that stand in the way of our special love.

So anyway…trapped underneath a 500 pound pile of story ideas right now and I don’t know how to get out from under it. Should I tell you guys about how knitting crushes all but the strongest of craftsters and how this recent project is driving me to the very edge of madness? Should I tell you the story about my Saturday and how I got sort-of kidnapped and fed breakfast by Denver’s most interesting tow truck driver?  Perhaps we should talk about my recent business trip to Las Vegas and its connection to my other trips to Washington DC and Mobile, AL this year? Maybe I should be working on a I’m a nice girl, really, you guys cherry for the top of that dating piece I just did.  Of course, there’s always my ever changing feelings about stuff and things; those have to be aired out too, lest I exploded from crazy.  And what about the sweet, sweet happenings over on tumblr?  Like so…

Why yes, I am researching how to shave my cat.  I’m no “cat expert” but I don’t see how this could end badly.

FROM TUMBLR: Why yes, I am researching how to shave my cat. I’m no “cat expert” but I don’t see how this could end badly.

And there’s always room for reposts from my college blog!  GGGAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

See, you guys?  It’s too much! I’m overwhelmed and much more interested in knitting and tumblr right now, but I’ll find a way to get up to date, blog-wise, at some point.

And that, my friends,  is what you call making something out of nothing.

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