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We will cut you.

My dearest Internets,

How are you?  I am fine.  Camp is a lot of fun and I am having the best summer!

Jk, but seriously, Internets, I am fine and most any summer camp (computer, horse, macramé knife-fighting)would be a lot of fun.

I have some links and commentary to share, but I wanted to catch up on those New Year’s resolutions we talked about last time.  How are you doing with yours?  Mine are off to a decent start.  I actually exercised for the first time since surgery yesterday.  It was a short, mega-freezing walk, but it felt good to be outside again.  And I took the bus this morning!  Hooray pub transpo sys! It was hard to wake up on time after so long, but I think this whole bus thing is going to work out, y’know? That’s about all I’ve got so far.  I need to find some way to cata-blog all of these New Year’s achievements…perhaps a Blog, Sweet Blog achievement toteboard? Is that too much? Too crazy?

In other news, I seem to have arrived at a strange confluence of heavy music news and links and I want to share them with you all, of course.

-The Runaways are awesome (and will cut you if you don’t watch it) and they’re making a sort of borderline-horrible movie about them.  I think it’s because I’m getting more old and crotchety by the hour, but I kind of hate the way they cut movie trailers these days.  Like, either they make four different trailers that make a movie seem like it’s a wacky comedy, a crime thriller, a documentary on the British aristocracy, and an adorable romantic comedy.  Or, in the case of this trailer, they make it seem like The Runaways invented polio and then cured it.  They’re certainly important and awesome, but yeesh, enough with the “in a world” gravitas already.

-Yesterday, Little Big John John Johnny Cakes told me about Hideous Gnosis: A Black Metal Theory Symposium and I had thoughts about things.  I replied to him, thusly…

I’m not really sure what to make of the Black Metal Symposium.  My first impulse is, “if academics are studying it, it’s time to get out.”  The academics could just be highly educated fans, but the idea of shining the light on a form of expression that, by its very nature, defies analysis and rejects exposure, seems kind of ridiculous.  And why not other metal subgenres?  There are thematic connections and a great deal of overlap between black metal and doom, death, viking/pagan, etc.  I think the answer is that black metal is really popular right now and has become a shorthand buzzword for people to latch onto.  Speaking of, there’s a documentary coming out about two of the major/most controversial BM artists from Norway.  I heard an interview with the filmmakers, but it left me feeling like people are way too interested in black metal at the moment.

Still, I’m going to read the material on the site and listen to the lectures before I offer a formal, Blog, Sweet Blog opinion.  There’s already been some excellent commentary on the topic here.

I do have one quick comment though.  Phrases like, “Representing textual significance as a plenitude…” put me on the lookout for further academic douchebaggery.  I’m not a liberal-arts academic, but I am somewhat familiar with academic papers on electrical/communications engineering.  Maybe it’s a cultural difference, but it seems like I almost never encounter language like that in the scholarly papers of my field.  It seems like we try to write as simply as possible and let the data and figures speak for themselves.  It seems like I see a lot of overwrought, near-baroque word usage in artist’s statements too and they always make me feel like they’re just having a laugh.  But, as I said, this could be a cultural difference and an encouraged form of academic expression within the liberal arts academic community.

Regardless of my eventual opinion on the merits of the symposium, I think it’s great that outsiders and metal fans are talking about music that I love.

“Until the Light Takes Us’ is that documentary I was talking about above.  It’s playing at Starz on January 29th, hooray! I listened to an interview with the filmmakers on The Sound of Young America podcast a while ago and, let’s just say, the filmmakers did not inspire me to see their film.  They started off the interview by saying they weren’t fans of black metal and only got into it via the owner of Aquarius Records (a tiny wonder of an amazing record store in San Francisco).  I think that’s +1 to the theory that black metal has attained some unexplained, hipster cachet these days.

That statement also gave me pause because I think the quality of documentaries has really gone down over the past five or ten years.  It seems like I’ve seen a lot of pointless, haphazard documentaries over the past year (We Jam Econo, Helvetica, Beautiful Losers).  I think there are too many documentary filmmakers flooding my movie screens with mediocrity.  I’m going to see the movie, but it seems far from the documentary I was hoping for.

-Also, apparently, there are death metal roosters…

-Deathklok is still really funny/brutal…

-Finally, Colorado had a thriving punk/new-wave scene in the 70’s and 80’s (Wax Trax! started here, y’know) and this site will tell you all about it.

Best wishes and etc., your biggest fan,

Dr. Annabelle Lies

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Percy demonstrates the nadir of Victorian Men's athletics, the oft-misunderstood, Single Gentleman's Aquatic Pantomime

Bella Donna thought the end of the previous post was funny because, until I posted this, the link went to a 404 Not Found page and it was as if my resolutions, nay, my very future was missing and unwritten.  If you’ve learned anything about me during our time together, you should have learned that it’s almost obsessively impossible for me to leave anything unwritten…especially my future.  As I was saying…

So, with 2009 safely tucked away into the Blog, Sweet Blog archives, we cast a fresh, hopeful gaze upon our new BFF, the year 2010 (or ‘010! à la Stephen Colbert).  Pray, what awesomeness awaits me this year?

Lottery winnings?

The dream of publishing fulfilled?

The end of electrolysis?

A minor, though rather annoying fender bender?

Kitten adoption?

I wish I knew, Internets.  I wish. I knew.

The Future may arrive at any moment and I have composed the following list of 52,384 things I should/want to/must/need to/had better/oughta do until The Future or January Whatever, 2011 gets here.

I realize this may not interest you in the slightest, but I’m going to ignore your unvoiced protestations and put it up anyway.  There are a lot of recurring, overdone themes in a lot of people’s resolutions, but I continue to find value in the resolutions of people I like, admire, and respect.  They’re an insight into a person’s personality and I like to be able to copy some of their goals if I feel like we’re simpatico.  Plus, it’s good to have goals…ugh, isn’t that a quote from some movie?  I just spent too long looking for the source and couldn’t find it.

Anyway, to the resolutions!

In 2009, I resolve to…

get well.

-I’ve been exercising and losing weight pretty steadily for the last couple of years.  I still need to keep at it, but my goal for this year is to get under the weight prerequisite for reassignment surgery.

-This touches some of the other areas, but I need to seriously think about plans for having GRS.  I’m eligible in May and I’d like to cross this off the list before I turn 40.

-I want to buy another bike…either a townie, Dutch-style bike or a three gear cruiser.  I have a mountain bike I like, but it’s not very cute and inspires a much more aggressive riding style (insert fast and hard riding double entendre here).  I’d rather have something that was more comfortable and friendly so I’d be inclined to take longer, more frequent and leisurely rides…like to the store and out to eat with John.

-I want to go hiking again.  I went a lot two years ago and always had a lot of fun.  I’d like to go with John a few times this summer at least.

win at monetizing!

-Who doesn’t want to earn more money?  I mean, really.  I’ve thought about getting another job or finding some way to bring in more money.  I’d like to redecorate and I need about $20,000 for surgery and I’m not saving any money right now. Maybe I could sell some art or crafts on etsy?

-I’d like to refinance or sell my place…at some point.  I wrote about this before.  I’m not looking for some giant Barbie dream house in the suburbs or a penthouse on Peyton place.  No, just a cute, cozy little downtown hideaway near the bus stop.

-Speaking of, me and my homie, Les Bus, need to get reacquainted.  Taking the bus would help me save money and give me some extra time work on some of those 10, 000 projects I resolved to do.

-I need to pay off mah debt and get mah bills current.  I don’t have a lot, but I need to get solvent, y’all.

-There is a whole garage full of bad memories and crappy crap I need to get rid of or sell somehow.  I’ve said it before, but who needs a table saw, really?

nest and nest and nest and nest.

-I got a bonus this year and I decided that I want to use it and my tax return to decorate my place.  My ex and I were trying to sell my place before we broke up, so it’s been like living in Tabula Rasa for two years.  If I can’t move, then having a warm, pretty, welcoming home is good enough for now.  Granted, I have no idea where to start with this and the prospect of decorating failure fills me with a primordial, creeping, Elder gods-esque dread.

-I want to invest in some big girl cooking accoutrement.  I want to get some of the classic cookbooks, a few more pans, and a better set of knives.  After that, watch out foodstuffs!

-As most of the bad memories and crappy crap reside in the garage and laundry room, it stands to reason that I should clean these up.

-It’s not even half as bad as the garage, but I need to clean out the office as well.  It’ll be a perfect studio when I add some nice work spaces, storage, and additional lighting.

say, “what’s up, Art world?”

-I want to participate in the Denver Arts community.  To do that, I should prolly, you know, make some art or something.  So, I’m going to try to finish three(?) short stories and fabric/visual art things.  That number is completely arbitrary, but finishing anything would be a bonus.  Once I have some finished work, I plan on submitting to some literary magazines (in addition to McSweeney’s) and galleries/calls for submissions.

-I might need to join or start a revolutionary, avant-garde commando art action collective…or at least research what’s out there.  There are a number of them in town (not so much commando avant-garde) and I think joining one might be a good way to keep the metaphorical juices flowing.

-I need to get out there and mingle with the Art community, so I wanna go to at least 6 First Fridays (some combination of the Santa Fe, RiNo, and Colfax nights) this year.

-Momma needs to see some more art and that means multiple trips to the MCA, DAM, and at least once more to the Kirkland.

-Since I lost my camera in DC, I should buy another camera and take more pictures of things and stuff for the blog and whatnot.

-There are these things called readers and I’d really like to learn how to get them to look at my li’l blog…and tell their friends.  Perhaps an absurd contest of some sort?

maximize my personal productivity and unleash my power animal!

The rest of these are just general, personal things I want to do and aren’t easily classifiable, hence the title.

-This spring and summer are going to be awesome, I can just feel it!  I resolve to get out more and do the work necessary to insure the awesomeness….like spending time outside going to farmer’s markets and outdoor events.

-I could do with a better weekly schedule, something in between the one I made each semester of college and the one Martha Stewart publishes in her magazine…maybe not as OCD, but it would be nice to have a regular feeling for the things I need to do every week.

-This year has been pretty great, family-wise, but we could be much better.  My mother said she’d like to have us back home for Christmas and that’s a perfect ending point for the year.  Until then, I’ll endeavor to be a better daughter and sister and continue to work on the problems that still exist in my family.

-I love me some food and I feel like I should be trying new restaurants and working on my cooking skills.  I’d like to try six new, highly-rated restaurants and six new recipes…one of which should involve baking.

-Even though my recent tattoo consult didn’t go so well (long story), I still want to get at least one this year.

-Adopt a kitten?  Sadly, my kitty is getting older and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to adopting another kitten or two.  If anyone knows of any free, Scottish Fold kittens, put in a good word for me!

-Go for a nice vacation this year or go back to Burning Man some year.  I went to Burning Man in 2001 and have been pining for the playa ever since.  If not, a vacation to anywhere nice this summer (hopefully with John) would work.

-I really should make a decision about graduate school.  The next deadline is October something, so I have until then.

-And finally, I’d like to figure out how to move to Europe, at least for a while.  The company I work for has branches all over the world, but I’m not sure I could use them to get an engineering job over there.  If I figure out a way to get to Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, or Oslo, I’m so going.

Yeesh, enough with the writing already!  It’s time to get out there and make those resolutions happen!  Do you have any resolutions or hopes for this year you’d like to share?  How are you planning to make this year better than the last?

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