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Ok, here are two seemingly-random, animal-related events that happened to me this week.

1.  Whilst taking my usual lunchtime constitutional (running/hiking up the 4 mile big hill loop) on Monday, I noticed a solitary deer’s leg laying next to the side of the road near the top of the hill.   The leg was not attached to a deer or any other animal for that matter.  It was all by itself like it had been gnawed off by some animal and discarded like it wasn’t delicious enough to finish.  I’ve included the following picture to stir the imagination.  There’s still time gentle reader!  If we can find the poor limbless animal, maybe, via the terrible wonder of modern veterinary science, some sort of miraculous limb saving surgery could be performed at great expense.

Cute deer

2.  Early this afternoon, a tiny bird flew into my office via an open window.  I like to open my windows on nicer days and enjoy the earthy aromas and modern sounds of my wilderness-adjacent workplace.  Today, I was rewarded with a frightening “nearly mortal attack” by one of nature’s most fiendish creatures.  After nearly “attacking” me, the avian terror tried to fly back out through one of my other three windows.  After a harrowing number of seconds, I was finally able to persuade the winged beast to depart from whence it came, post haste!  Ok, jk.  I have a flair for the dramatic though, no?  The truth is a finch (I think) flew in my office and I was able to shoo it out by opening the window really wide.  It was cute and looked really scared so I was glad to be able to help it out.  Here’s a picture of a squirrel.


Still though, we’re, at times, uncomfortably close to wildlife here.  I have seen a cougar (also known as a puma, mountain lion, or the #2 animal I’d rather not be eaten by.  If you’re keeping score at home, #1 is bear and #3 is, oddly enough, a moose.) on the route I usually run.  I see deer a lot (I was about 10 feet away from one on Tuesday) and I’ve heard that bears have been seen on campus.  Maybe these are not unrelated events?  Maybe they’re all trying to tell me something?  Maybe I should stop making fun of them in blog posts and heed their tiny animal warning…whatever that may be?

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