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Still wrestling, but closer.

In the meantime, here’s something that I wrote for mah tuumblr today.  It doesn’t even begin to cover the unfathomable, depraved spectacle of my love for Messrs. Moz and Marr, but it’s a nice primer.  Here’s a thought; why don’t they have a The Smiths karaoke here?  I would sing And the hills are alive with celibate cries and You said I was ill, and you were not wrong and Oh, the alcoholic afternoons over and over again until they asked me to leave every week.  I can imagine the people that would show up for that; oh the friends I’d make! Anyway…

Ooops, I didn’t mean to let that other Mr. Moz picture leak, but I always do that.  I get an idea and hunt for the pictures then, inevitably, forget to tag one of them as a draft.  Sorry I spoiled the Wednesday Morrissey theme for you.

So, this theme is now a tumblr thing because I saw this photo a while ago at Twist & Shout.  I was looking through the goth and metal bins at the back of the store and I happened upon a four foot tall version of the Years of Refusal album cover.  I gasped. I hadn’t really seen the picture up close or that size and the juxtaposition of that old, beautiful man holding a smiling baby made me weak.  At the time, I thought, “Good God, will he never stop being handsome?”  And then I thought, “Yes Steven, yes.  I will. I do.”

Look, I know all about his “celibacy” and it matters not.  In my fantasy, we live with our five children (James, Oscar, Sylvia, William, Judith, and Peter) in a large estate just outside of Paris and he is my faithful companion and occasional lover.  We go for long walks and dine in fine restaurants.  He reads me poetry and asks me to look over new song lyrics.  I create sad, beautiful gallery art and weekly beg him for a Smiths reunion.  I realize that he has other interests and I let him do who he pleases provided he returns to me and never knowingly hurts me.  So, pretty standard Morrissey fantasy.

And so, in honor of Morrissey’s beauty and rich fantasy lives everywhere, I offer you the following photoset…

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